Monday, March 25, 2013

Observations on IGN "Its happening" video

So its been a very busy weekend!

The Caldari Prime Titan "Shigeru" Crashed into the planet causing massive damage environment and at least 10 million lives lost. To celebrate the catastrophic loss of life, IGN and CCP posted a new video of the event dramatising an exchange between some attacking Gallente capsuleers and Mercs. For the not so eagle eyed, there where several new things that made its way into this video. The most obvious being the scrambler rifle which thus far, we had only recieved very basic information back when it was first announced during the closed beta testers tournament.

More after the break.

The Scrambler rifle seems to have 2 firing modes, first being similar to any other rifle, and the second seems to be a charged mode the merc behind the helmet let off a charged mode shot but it failed to hit anything so its impossible to say how much damage it does.

Another interesting feature is that in addition to the ammo bar, the scrambler has 2 extra bars on the inside and the outside of the ammo ones. The outer bar was full while the weapon was in charged mode but didn't move in rapid fire, in this mode it was the inner bar that went up. This seems to be a very curious weapon. One I personally can't wait to get my hands on.

Next up we have the back of a suit that the brave Gallente merc was wearing. When I first saw it, I initially dismissed it as the reskinned assault event suit promised to those to take part in the battle for Caldari Prime event, however upon closer inspection we can clearly see that this suit is fundamentally different to the plate nature of the Caldari Assault suit, the differences are very clear in this image as you can see them in the background.

Not long ago, CCP announced that they are working to get racial variants of each of the suits. So could this be our first look at the fabled Gallente Assault dropsuit?

Beside these two shinies, there was also a look at a redesigned wrist neocom and a logi using a Plasma cannon at about 1:23 on the left side. the damage seemed either instantaneous or obscured by the exploding tank, either way, with a logi suit using it, rumors of it being a heavy weapon has died.

We also got a nice devblog from CCP Wolfman today about equipment, in it he mercilessly teases us with information about long awaited cloak module and the shield generator, a battlefield deployable shield bubble.

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