Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So, the worlds collided, and stuff...

But what does that mean for you?

It means now is the time to take note... and prepare.

In the past week,  CCP has successfully completed the transition from Dust operating on their test server Singularity (SiSi) and is now fully running on Tranquility (TQ) their live Eve Online Server.  Eve players are now seeing infantry pop up in chat channels everywhere, and we're well on the way towards solid interactions between both games.

The most notable of course, being the ability to carry out Orbital Strikes. With this latest move, players in Dust 514 can participate in Factional Warfare (FW) that is located in the highly disputed low-security systems in Eve Online. During these battles, players can request orbital support from Eve Online players, using specialized ammunition.

It doesn't stop there, either!  The FW system in Eve is  for all intents and purposes a massive and public war. Anyone who wants can join in any of the four factional milita and fight for either the Caldari State, Minmatar Republic, Amarr Empire, and Gallente Federation.  Players battle over control over low security systems, which have little to no NPC protection against PVP attack.  People go to lowsec to fight.. and fight they do.

Without going into it in too much detail (As this is an article about Dust) The objective in FW in Eve, is to conquer  systems from the opposing militia. This can be done by earning certain amounts of victory points (By various means), until enough points are earned by one faction to render a system 'vulnerable' after which they can bombard an installation in space. Getting this installation to near death will render it invulnernable again, and system ownership will change to the conquering militia until enough victory points are earned by the opposite side to attempt to conquer it.  Victory points are earned in many ways, but this is the cool part where Dust comes in.

In Dust, you're not just participating in FW so people in space can shoot you. Winning these battles actually has a lasting effect on the ability to conquer the FW systems you fight in! This effect is simple.  Dust514 players are battling over 'districts' on planets. Winning a Dust FW battle changes ownership of the district to the militia who started the attacking contract.  The more Dust districts owned by a militia, the easier it becomes to conquer the system in Eve. Alternatively, a defending militia can hire dust mercs to conquer the districts which will make it slower and harder for their enemy to conquer the system in question!

This back and forth system will see lots of action in the next coming weeks, especially with the announcement of the upcoming open beta on the 22nd of January.

But I'm an Eve player and not interested in FW. What can dust do for me?

Currently, the interaction between both games is intentionally limited. CCP doesn't want to break both games coming out of the gate, right?

However, any good CEO would be remiss to not take this opportunity to begin recruiting Dust players (Or Eve players, if a dust corp) in the meantime, as more interaction features are well in the works and not far off.  Establishing a good infrastructure between both games as a CEO now, will ensure that in the coming days your corporation will be ready to take full advantage of the interaction and use it to make all your members richer!

ISK being the primary motivation for doing anything in Eve, it's a similar thing here. A large focus on the integration of Dust514 is ensuring that it's well received by the majority of players, to truly make this "One Universe//One War".  CCP has said in the past they intend to do this by having most of the integration features somehow augment or benefit other mechanics in Eve Online, and the opposite is true  from the Eve side looking at Dust.

While there's not much details to be shared because of the soon to be lifted NDA,  You can rest assured. If there's one thing to be certain of in the coming days...

The ISK must flow.

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