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Official videos from Fanfest 2012: DUST 514

Here they are! Click away to watch.

video automatically starts where DUST 514 part is.

highly recommended to watch the entire thing. For impatient ones: @ 7:59 the demo starts.

watch this. From start to finish.

watch this. From start to finish.

Also, follow these guys: CCP_Jian, CCP_Praetorian, CCP_CmdrWang

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DUST 514 Day 1 of Fanfest Coverage

We've been very busy and we are still working on the coverage of the Day 1! In the meantime check these:

Tour of the CCP Offices
DUST 514 Keynote - What we learned!
DUST 514 Keynote Analysis (with a bit more detail)

If you missed the stream - there is rerun going on very soon on EVETV! Schedule can be found here. and DUST 514 Base to join forces!

I am proud to announce that here at Base we were running such a good job that I got an honor to be part of editor's crew. What does that mean for Base? Base will continue to operate with CAST 514 and Blog posts, BUT... All news, exclusives, real-time coverage that would come on Base will be published by us - just on

Reason for that is very simple: For ages we've been splitting and copying content and information and that was completely unnecessary. Now you will be able to enjoy everything: Dissections, blog posts, CAST 514, interviews, forums, and more with us on one place and it will become even better than that once beta starts officially!

I am very honored to be part of .org team and if you are looking for more reasons why we are shifting all our work to .org - keep an eye out for a huge announcement post-fanfest!

Time to conquer everything DUST-related on one focused place!
I will see you over at! Stay dusty for fanfest! Lots of amazing things incoming <3

p.s. twitter, facebook, g+ etc accounts will continue to deliver content, don't worry - you don't have to change anything except maybe your home page from Base to org!

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Fanfest 2012 Re-Stream Confirmed

CCP just confirmed that there are going to be replays of entire Fanfest to watch if you miss it. Also, keep in mind that they will put everything up on their YouTube channel ASAP as well.
With EVE Online having a global audience we appreciate that not everyone can be awake in all time zones while we broadcast all the news and presentations form Fanfest 2012. As a result we will have a replay available for those on the other side of the globe. CCP Loxy is working on timings and we will update you over the coming days.
Want to know more about DUST 514 stuff on Fanfest and when they happen? You should look right here

Full details on the DUST 514 Fanfest Tournament!

Full details just got revealed on Fanfest site.

Game mode: Ambush (Team Deathmatch)

Registration: Players can sign up at the desk in front of the EVE/DUST 514 PVP arena room on Thursday from 13:00 onwards. The first 192 people who registered on Thursday are in for the tournament. Anyone who registered after will be on standby and accepted to join in case there are no-shows. Participants can only register for one corporation.

1st team prize: 24 x PlayStation® Vita & 24x PlayStation® 3 *
2nd team prize: 24 x PlayStation® 3 **

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Special DUST 514 Event Comes to PlayStation Home

This just in - keynote will be streamed on PlayStation Home as well. Get your t-shirt (first ever virtual item for your DUST character) by entering Backstage Pass event thing! Also, for those wondering: Q&A and event itself takes place in somewhat "odd hours" because of the Fanfest 2012 that's in Iceland.

DUST 514 – Come watch CCP Games’ first public unveiling of its upcoming sci-fi shooter DUST 514, exclusive to PlayStation 3 as we stream the DUST 514 keynote of the annual EVE Fanfest live into the special “Backstage Pass” event space in PlayStation Home this Thursday, March 22nd at 9:00am PT (12:00pm ET).

Following the keynote, there will be a Live Q&A session with PlayStation Home users, fielding questions via Twitter using the hashtag #DUST514. Bonus: All users who enter the Backstage Pass event space will be rewarded an exclusive DUST 514 t-shirt for their avatars! You can visit this special event space by using the New and Recommended section on the PlayStation Home Navigator or by approaching the DUST 514 relocator in the Hub. See you there!

UPDATE: No purchase necessary to enter the event for the shirt :)

DUST 514 Fanfest Schedule and Countdown!

Here it is! DUST 514 related schedule for fanfest! You can find all the DUST Fanfest 2012 coverage over here, or just clicking the button in the right sidebar. If you are interested in a full schedule, you can find it right here. Keep in mind that Fanfest itself will start at 10am GMT, so you should definitely also check stream at that time and not just highlighted DUST 514 times!

Current GMT is:

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Brace yourselves. DUST 514 at Fanfest is coming

We all know that DUST is about to hit us on Fanfest and that you will be able to see it on live stream for absolutely free. Now, a little bit about your expectations and about some realism...

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DUST 514 "Learn the Basics" IGN Video

Nothing new, but I guess it is worth the post. Missed our previous video dissections that have in-depth analysis? Check them all out right here.

But wait, there's more DUST 514 from GDC 2012!

UPDATE: Just asked CCP CmdrWang about the summer beta on twitter, and his response is that they will actually be letting more people in very soon. Maybe it's just a general availability in summer?

Seems that Gametrailers wasn't the only bunch to get their hands on the footage of DUST 514 at GDC 2012. The Verge also got it, but unlike Gametrailers, they didn't cut it up so much.

Now what does this mean, you ask? We already saw all there was to see, right?

Well, not quite as it would seem. While nothing mind blowing, there are a few extra frames we've been able to pull from the video that we didn't see before.

Click for larger image
First off, we have the weapon switch screen. While nothing particularly special, it's nice to see. However, it does have an awful lot of empty slots there. Might be a sign of just how much gear you can bring?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EVETV details revaled! Fanfest live stream and more!

Dev blog dropped this very second revealing the details about EVETV - Fanfest 2012 stream!

Fanfest 2012 is shaping up to be the best Fanfest ever, however here at CCP we understand that not everyone can make it to this icy rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After all, sometimes you just want to sit back, relax at home, and have a portion of Fanfest brought to you.

Well EVE TV is here to help. For Fanfest 2012 we're pulling out all the stops to bring you 3 full days of live action, covering the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Fanfest 2012!

So what can you expect?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PSN Restrictions removed for DUST 514

It seems that new article on develop is talking about PSN Restrictions that were in place before for all other PSN games. They essentially were there preventing developers to push patches every day, but now with DUST - things are changing. You can expect during the beta almost at any time patch to drop and after the release itself if needed!
Sony worked with Dust 514 developer CCP to completely remove certain PSN policies for its upcoming free-to-play MMO shooter, the studio has revealed. Read more about it here.

In-Game ISD Seminar: DUST 514 Q&A Session!

Right now ISD in-game Seminar ended - that covered DUST 514 Questions and Answers! There is some really cool information given by CCP and it is definitely worth your time. Full transcript is right here - where questions asked are cyan and answers red from CCP Devs! Also, huge thanks to the Base supporters - Ashra Tesh, Ferria and Rhapsodyy for asking awesome questions! :)

CCP Nothin > Good morning!
CCP Nothin > Just a sec, we're waiting for our dear community manager to hop in
CCP Nothin > Starting in a moment, I'd expect
CCP Wolfman > Im in
CCP Cmdr Wang > hi
ISD Athechu > Hello everyone and welcome to our ISD Seminar on Dust514. As you can see we have some special guests here in the house today. I would like to welcome CCP Cmdr Wang, CCP Wolfman, and CCP Nothin.

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CAST 514 Episode 3 - Scary Capacitors

Downloads: Dropbox - mp3, iTunes - CAST 514, Zune - CAST 514 and CAST 514 RSS Feed

CAST 514 Episode 3 focuses on Free to Play model, microtransactions vs "pay to win", new dev blog about vehicles, EW, Capacitors, all sorts of modules, GDC footage dissection and more details we missed, bots, and fanfest preparations! We hope you will enjoy this cast as much as we did, and if you did, you may want to follow Base on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to keep up-to-date with all the latest news.

We mentioned: GDC gameplay footage dissection, recent vehicle dev blog, post about bots, CAST 514 Episode 1 - CCP Grand Opening, submit your questions here, EVE Uni lecture that Grideris did here, and also live chat that you can join right here! Oh, and Hilmar's tweet about S153 and his reply that it is ASCII code...

Huge thanks to HaZaR (creator of EVE Online: Crucible trailer music) for making CAST 514 intro music! You should definitely check his work on his dedicated Soundcloud page as well!

Join us! DUST 514 Live Chat

Want to join Base team and all other DUST 514 fans in a live chat on Coldfront? We made special page dedicated to that here on Base! Just click // CHAT on the top navigation and enjoy chatting live with everyone there! We also have some CCP Staff keeping peace but please don't ask them about the release date or anything silly like that!

We will see you over at #DUST514!

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Wait a moment. Bots? In my DUST 514?

Yes, you actually read that one right. According to an article by Gameinformer, AI controlled players will be making an appearance somewhere in DUST 514. To quote:
Teamwork-minded gamers can also upgrade their characters and hone their skills by engaging in horde mode-like battles against AI-controlled enemies.
So what exactly have CCP in store for us on this front? Maybe they decided to formalise the zombie mode they discussed in CAST 514 Ep 1 as part of training. I guess we will find out at Fanfest.

Friday, March 9, 2012

GDC DUST 514 Video Interview Dissection (Image Heavy)

As many of you would have heard by now, Gametrailers have released an interview with Hilmar Pétursson (CEO of CCP Games) and David Reid (CMO of CCP Games). And to make things better, it's packed full of snippets of combat from DUST 514. So let's do what we always do here at DUST514base and take a look inside shall we?

First off, we open with a Heavy dropsuit mowing down some other guys with an Autocannon that I'm sure you've all seen before.

Click for larger version

A couple of things we've seen before. The shield/armour gauge, the ammo counter and map all look similar to our earlier analysis from the PS Pulse video. Of course the weapon itself is new to us in action, so it's nice to see it tear through some enemy shields before they run away.

DUST 514 Vehicle Dev Blog: Part Deux

CCP has just unveiled more vehicle details on their site!. And it's not just some vehicle stats and types. There's even some vehicle warfare mechanics in there! Read on:

Since DUST 514 traces its lineage to EVE Online, we wanted to give it the same rich combat environment that EVE Online has when it comes to vehicle classes and roles. For example, in EVE Online there are ships that share the same hull (and thus the same look) but have very different performance envelopes. This will be true in DUST 514 as well with vehicles that will share the same chassis or hull class but depending on their roles and level of technology, offer very different battlefield characteristics.

DUST 514 beta starts in April!

Yes, you heard that right. According to the recent game trailers interview from GDC 2012, The beta will be starting in April.

You can see Hilmar mention the date after the 8:04 mark.

Yes, that's right, April. After Fanfest.

Stay tuned for more analysis and dissection for this video though. There's more to come.

Want some DUST 514 gameplay? Gametrailers have you covered.

So we've all been asking about some video of DUST 514 gameplay. Luckily for us, Gametrailers somehow got their hands on some and have put snippets if it throughout an interview of theirs from GDC 2012.

Have a look for yourself.

So hang onto your hats. We'll have a dissection soon. UPDATE: Dissection is up 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's this talk about DUST 514 is coming to PC? No way!

GriderisOver the last day or so, I've been been bombard by people talking about how CCP said there might be a potential for a PC version. From time to time, you get people talking about how there should be a PC version (and sometimes even a Xbox 360 version). So why all of the chatter all of a sudden?

This is why. Basically, Massively says there is a bit of wink-wink nudge-nudge from the CCP devs when asked if there is there is a PC version still on the cards. To quote:
As the devs note, mouse and keyboard controls are already supported in the PS3 version of the title. "I wonder why we did that," Hilmar joked during the interview.
People have started jumping over this big time saying that this means there seriously could be a PC version in the works. But what do I think?

I think we are exactly where we were before the interview. That is, I do not believe that there will be a PC version of DUST 514 in the near future.

There is a theoretical possibility that CCP could release DUST 514 for PC. But I don't think they will. Not for a while yet or unless DUST 514 tanks on the PS3. Heck, even the comment about Mouse and Keyboard support can easily be construed to be in regards to making it easier for PC players to adapt to playing DUST 514 on the PS3, not making it easier to port over if the time comes. So unless Massively is holding something else more substantial from the interview, I wouldn't be getting excited if the only thing holding you back from DUST 514 is the lack of PC support. Sorry guys.

Broadcastorm: CCP always planned DUST 514 to be a console game. If they ever do PC version it will be long long time from PS3 release and it will probably be completely optimized for PC and not just "port". That is rather far from us though. We may touch on this subject as well on CAST 514 Episode 3, but there is nothing much else to add, really. Game will be for a long time PS3 exclusive and if you really want to get into it straight away - fetch yourself a PS3 and come play with us straight from release!

Dev Blog on Friday, CAST 514 #3 on Monday

Oh yes, you read that right. Brand new dev blog will drop on Friday, and after examining it we will drop Episode 3 of CAST 514 - because you know, episode 3 of anything should be something you wait for a long long time...

Half-Life joke aside, we are planning a long episode. Hopefully there will be a lot of focus on Free to Play model, dev blog, fanfest preparations, Vita, and your questions and some of our answers again and maybe even something else. Who knows!

Monday, March 5, 2012

DUST 514 on PS Vita: Companion app

It seems that Vita version of DUST 514 will be "companion app" as eurogamer finds out. Here are some further details:
Dust 514 won't be the same experience on PS3 as it is on Vita, detective Eurogamer has discovered.

On Vita, at least to begin with, Dust 514 will be a companion app for the PS3 game.

"On Vita we will have a companion app," clarified Dust 514 executive producer Brandon Laurino in an interview with Eurogamer.

"At the most basic level, you can do transactions on the market; equip and customise your character, your vehicles; set up strategies with your friends and Corporation members - all of these sort of companion functions on the go."

"We're also exploring all of the super fun exciting stuff - interesting gameplay opportunities and things like that. But we're not ready to talk about that."

Dust 514 on Vita will be continually updated post-launch, just as Dust 514 will be on PS3.

"As we continue to explore what the possibilities are, between Vita and PS3, of which there are many, we'll keep updating the app with stuff like that over time."

But, no, you definitely won't be running around shooting people in Dust 514 Vita when the companion app launches.

When Dust 514 will launch on PS3 isn't set in stone yet. There's still testing to be done. But it will be a 2012 launch, Laurino confirmed.

Will Dust 514 appear on Vita at the same time? "We haven't decided that yet."

DUST 514 is going to be free to play!

It seems that CCP has decided that DUST 514 will be free to play. No cover charge, no minimum buy in, just free to play. Forever. You can see the details over at eurogamer, but I'll give you the short version.
There was going to be a $10 to $20 cover charge for the game on PSN, but that has now been scrapped.
"It was a relatively confusing proposition," executive producer Brandon Laurino explained to Eurogamer, "and we wanted to make it unambiguously that this is a free-to-play game."
We've also got some juicy details on what types of microtransactions we can expect to see.
Items available include vanity goods to customise appearances with; boosters that save time, such as double skill point (SP) boosters; variants of weapons that aren't necessarily more powerful - "side-grades" that look or play differently; services like character respecs; and lucky dip treasure boxes. "It's what has emerged as best practice," Laurino said.
And for those worried they will be  missing out on important game content if they don't pay out, don't be.
"There won't be some section of the universe that's blocked off. It's really about what you build on those planets - some of those will be earned, some of those will be paid. Again, none will give an unfair advantage, but may have a unique look, or a certain tweak or side-grade."
So all in all, a good turn of events for seeing more people give DUST 514 a try. Make sure you check out all the details at Eurogamer.

What do you think of this turn of events? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: Here is official PlayStation Blog post by Brandon as well.
Update #2: Press release on!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I see you Favour a Shield Extender on your Dropsuit.

Recently CCP revealed some details about a few more details in DUST 514's arsenal. However, what we haven't seen yet is the nitty gritty technical details of the dropsuits, and the many modules that you can fit them with. Well, that is until now.

May I present to you, the dropsuit fitting screen, courtesy of an Autodesk games show reel.

Click to see at full size

First off let's take a look at the left.

Here you can see a list of pre-made fittings that the play has created, as well as the option to make a new one. There looks to be a favourite column which looks to be handy considering you could have dozens of fittings and finding that special one could prove to be a chore. Other than that, it looks straight forward. (If you're wondering what's with the "Anti-Zombie" fitting, go check out CAST 514 Episode 1-  it will explain what it's for).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Win a trip to play DUST 514 on Fanfest!

PSN (Europe) just got new competition! All you need is PSN account and you can sign up. Mind that this is UK playstation site - US version of the competition may be coming soon as well.
You and a friend could be jetting off to Iceland for Fanfest 2012.

Fanfest is the annual celebration of EVE Online and takes place in the magnificent city of Reykjavík, Iceland.

We've teamed up with CCP to offer you the chance to bag two tickets to the event, along with travel and accommodation for four nights. You'll have the chance to meet some of the CCP development team in person, discover more about Dust 514 - their incredible upcoming first-person shooter for PlayStation 3 and join the party at the top of the world.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, just sign in below using your PlayStation Network Sign-In ID and you will be automatically entered into the competition.

Please note you will need a Sony Entertainment Network account to enter this competition. You can create an account by visiting on a PC or alternatively, you can create a Sony Entertainment Network account on a PlayStation 3 system, a Wi-Fi enabled PSP system or a PS Vita system.

Entrants must be aged 18 or over and a resident in a participating country.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before entering this competition.
Start date: 29/02/2012 (Midnight GMT)
End date: 12/03/2012 (Midnight GMT)

Make sure to read the rules as well. Good luck everyone!

Also FYI, only the following countries are eligible for entry:  France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Switzerland, UK, and Ireland.