Friday, March 9, 2012

Want some DUST 514 gameplay? Gametrailers have you covered.

So we've all been asking about some video of DUST 514 gameplay. Luckily for us, Gametrailers somehow got their hands on some and have put snippets if it throughout an interview of theirs from GDC 2012.

Have a look for yourself.

So hang onto your hats. We'll have a dissection soon. UPDATE: Dissection is up 


  1. Wow there is a lot to analyse here. Did you see when the guy used the knife on him - only his base hp got damaged not his shield or armour?

    1. The shield turns the fast blow, admits the slow kindjal!

  2. I loved that they should health/shield bars. A very good touch.

  3. It looks clunky, still better than I expected!!!
    ok I will try this game :P

    hope there is more to dust than ground actions, maybe some mini-games?

  4. When is the dissection coming guys?