Saturday, March 3, 2012

I see you Favour a Shield Extender on your Dropsuit.

Recently CCP revealed some details about a few more details in DUST 514's arsenal. However, what we haven't seen yet is the nitty gritty technical details of the dropsuits, and the many modules that you can fit them with. Well, that is until now.

May I present to you, the dropsuit fitting screen, courtesy of an Autodesk games show reel.

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First off let's take a look at the left.

Here you can see a list of pre-made fittings that the play has created, as well as the option to make a new one. There looks to be a favourite column which looks to be handy considering you could have dozens of fittings and finding that special one could prove to be a chore. Other than that, it looks straight forward. (If you're wondering what's with the "Anti-Zombie" fitting, go check out CAST 514 Episode 1-  it will explain what it's for).

Next, we move to the centre

Astute readers will notice the similarity to the vehicle fitting screen that was covered in another earlier post here on DUST514Base. It has a CPU and a Powergrid allowance (the left and right orange bars on the inside of the circle respectively). These are very important as every module fitted consumes both CPU and Powergrid with some modules taking more resources than others. It also features discrete slots. Every module will only fit in one particular type of slot. Think round peg in a square hole.

But it's not all quite the same. While it does have High, Low and Weapon slots, it also has Equipment slots and a Grenade slot. For many EVE Veterans most of the equipped modules will be familiar. For everyone else, this particular fit appears to have; a G75-VLB Assault Rifle and a CAR-9 Scrambler Pistol in the weapon slots (lower left); a pair of Shield Extenders (the shield icons with a plus super imposed) and a Weapon Damage upgrade (likely a Magnetic Field Stabiliser, usually referred to as a "Mag Stab") in the High slots (upper left); a Power Diagnostics System (increases available power grid, may also provide small shield bonus) and a pair of CPU Upgrades (increase the available CPU) in the low slots (upper right); and a grenade of some kind in the grenade slot (bottom left). Unfortunately, I'm not able to accurately guess what the last two modules are. Might be one for you guys to work out in the comments.

Finally let's take a look at the right.

This area lists the suit you're fitting and it's stats with the modules equipped. This is actually exactly the same as the one seen on the vehicle fitting screen (minus the second column, but that's because they're in the process of fitting modules) . As you can see, we have:
  • CPU and Powergrid at the top
  • Shield and armour. These are very important as they are what helps keep you alive when you're taking plasma to the face. You can see that thanks to the shield extenders fitted to the dropsuit, there is more than twice as much shield capacity as there is armour. 
  • Shield Recharge and Armour recharge. This is the amount of time (in seconds) it takes for your shields or armour to fully recharge. In this instance it appears to be 40 seconds, meaning that our mercenary here will be recharging about 6 shield points every second. However in EVE, shields do not recharge at a constant rate - they charge slower when they're nearly full, and faster as they are near the 30% mark. This might be carried over to DUST 514, but it's too early to tell. In this instance there doesn't appear to be any armour recharge, but this is also similar to EVE. In EVE, the only ways to regain lost armour points is to use a Armour Repairer.  If you remember back, CCP Praetorian stated that his favoured fit so far includes an Armour repairer, so we can be pretty sure it will be an option. 
  • Damage multiplier. Usually, this would be a flat 1.00  but thanks to the Damage Module, our intrepid mercenary's damage is increased by 10%. 
  • Movement speed, which is 6m/s or 21.4km/h (or 13.4 mph for those of you still using imperial units). Don't forget, this is a scout suit, so the other suits are likely to be slower, especially the heavy dropsuit. Don't forget, this appears to be their walking speed, not their running speed (which would be a fair bit higher)

Also, as a bonus, here's a picture of what appears to be the DUST 514 NeoCom, with what appears to be the war room or personal quarters in the background.

Click to see at full size


  1. The last two modules, as a complete guess, could be some sort of mine, and possibly a repair gun.

    1. I agree with the repair gun thing (maybe) but I honestly have no idea what the other thing is..... scratch that it might be some sort of ammo distibutor.....or the ammo itself

  2. I think the first thing is a Medkit. To be exactly more like a Nanobot Injector.

    And who knows if its really a warroom or something likle that. I mean on the top right corner its says "Starting in 1:58". maybe this guys is allready on the battlefield. btu there is some time before it starts. so i actually would call it more like a waiting room.

  3. ^ Nanobot Injector , totally agree.

    They said the warroom will be over the shoulder TPS. So it looks like he's in the warroom...unless they made combat TPS, which I doubt they did.

    2nd object almost looks like a plasma based claymore...maybe.

  4. Replies
    1. We'll have to wait for Fanfest 2012 so that players can get a idea on how the gameplay is.

  5. i think the first module is a target painter for orbital bombardments and the second is probably a nanite injector.