Friday, March 9, 2012

GDC DUST 514 Video Interview Dissection (Image Heavy)

As many of you would have heard by now, Gametrailers have released an interview with Hilmar P├ętursson (CEO of CCP Games) and David Reid (CMO of CCP Games). And to make things better, it's packed full of snippets of combat from DUST 514. So let's do what we always do here at DUST514base and take a look inside shall we?

First off, we open with a Heavy dropsuit mowing down some other guys with an Autocannon that I'm sure you've all seen before.

Click for larger version

A couple of things we've seen before. The shield/armour gauge, the ammo counter and map all look similar to our earlier analysis from the PS Pulse video. Of course the weapon itself is new to us in action, so it's nice to see it tear through some enemy shields before they run away.

However, there are a few differences. One thing to note is that the map is slightly different now. Previously it only listed a number for the attackers. However, here it lists a value for the attackers, defenders and a timer. I'm guessing it's a different game mode to the previous one. Also, there seem to be a lot more on screen markers, including markers for enemies. Considering that we didn't have these in the last one, I'm going to put these down to some sort of scanner being around or equipped. Might even be just for the video's sake. Either way, I don't think it's going to be standard.

Now for the gun itself. If you watch the video, you can see the ammo counter go from about 109 to 39 in the space of about 3 seconds. That's about 23-24 rounds a second, though I might call it 25 as that's a nice round number. You'll also notice that the crosshair gets tighter the longer it's been firing - if you remember this is described behaviour from the dev blog CCP put out a little while back that included this gun. One last thing you can see is there is a heat gauge. It gets to about a third of the way before they stop firing.

Next we have our old friend, the dropship!

Click for larger version

This time though, we have a HUD that clearly shows the dropship having 7 seats, and having passenger operated guns. Again if you watch the video (starting at 0:23) you can see it is a VTOL craft, very similar to a helicopter.  You can also see by the lack of a gauge in the lower right corner, it appears our intrepid pilot has no weapons of his own. Whether that is a fitting option or not is ye to be seen (I know I for one hope to see some sort of gun available to the pilot, even if it is some terribly weak one).

Next we have our good old friend the assault rifle, trying to knock off some bag guys on the other side of the road. Starts at (0:43)

Click for larger version

Nothing particularly new, we've seen the assault rifle in action from the PS Pulse video. However, we haven't seen the ***SCANED*** bit on the left in the middle. Still not exactly sure what that's for, but I'm guessing it's something to do with battlefield scanners. Might be what's responsible for all the markers all over the map you can see in all the screenshots.

Now back to our friend the Autocannon (starting at 1:07)

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You can see here that the number of rounds remaining is 228. Going by that count, I'm going to guess that a full clip for the Autocannon has about 300 rounds. And at 25 rounds a second, that's a straight 12 seconds of fire before it runs dry (though chances are the gun will overheat before then).

Now in the next bit, we can see someone getting an assist.

Click for larger version

Seems that an assist will net you 25 points vs the 50 for a kill. As a bonus, if you look at the kill feed, you can see that None other than CCP CmdrWang (the DUST 514 community manager) just got killed. He pops up a few more times over the course of the video. See if you can spot them all.

 Next we move onto someone throwing some grenades. (2:18)

Click for larger version

As you can see, the grenade explodes very quickly. I'm not sure if this is because it has a quick or contact fuse or because it was cooked. Unfortunately, we don't really get to see the second one go off.

However, what happens next is more interesting.

Click for larger version

A death screen! Basically everything goes grey, and our intrepid mercenary falls to the ground. And then that's as far as we see.

Next we jump to 2:44 and we see no gun on screen. What's happened here?

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It's a multiple missile launcher! I'm guessing they're just working on the crosshair for when you're scoped still. It appears to have 4 missiles a shot, with four shots a clip for a total of 16 missiles a clip. They don't appear to be guided either and have a reasonably fast rate of fire. And for a bonus, here's what it looks like unscoped:

Click for larger version

Next we have what appears to be the same player running around with a pistol while getting shot by another multiple missile launcher. Have a look (3:03)

Click for larger version

If you look at the full version, you can see some detailing on the gun. It also takes about 5 shots to kill the other player when he starts shooting them. Though if you look closely, this isn't called a CAR-9 Scrambler Pistol as you would expect. It's called a "Singetear" Core Specialist Scrambler Pistol. I'm guessing it's a meta variant, possibly one of the side grades they were talking about available for AUR.

Now remember earlier where we pointed out the *SCANNED* text on the left side? Well here's something more on that.

Click for larger version

This time it says "***SCAN WAS BEAT***". So I'm guessing that this player doesn't show up on the scanner any more. Exactly how you beat the scanner though is another question entirely, one I can't see how to do quite yet. But I'm sure we will get details soon.

Next we return to our old friend the Autocannon. They really seem to like showing him off. (3:59)

Click for larger version

Well, the dev blog did mention that it is effective against light vehicles, so I guess this means it can do some damage to dropships. Also, take note of the weapon in the kill feed: "Bedlam" M512-A Submachine Gun. I'm sure there are many players that would like to see it in action.

Next we get to see some knifing action (4:25)

Click for larger version

If you watch the video, you can see that the player doesn't switch to the knife - instead, it's just a button to melee. You might also notice that the enemy player dies in one hit. But you would be mistaken. Look carefully at the kill feed. Someone else manages to steal his kill from right out under them! This is isn't that surprising, as the enemy dropsuit is a scout one (meaning it's fragile). I guess we will have to wait to see how powerful it is.

Now there are a couple more snippets of battle, but for the most part they don't have anything else new. However, if we skip to 5:09, we get this:

Click to.. oh you know already!

Ladies, Gentlemen and officers of the Royal Navy, I give you the grenade launcher! It appears to have 4 shots per clip. Crosshair looks like your standard FPS grenade launcher one. But hold on, what's he shooting? We'll come back to that in a moment. Another thing you will notice is the red text at the top: "Enemy is hacking Clone Reserve Unit". I guess that means you are able able to hack enemy CRUs (basically, deployable spawn points) to either destroy them (possibly removing the extra clones inside from their remaining stockpile) or even use them for your own team (adding them to your own stockpile). But wait, there's more!

Why do I even write these captions?

Yes, it's the Inertia Canceler that we pointed out in the pulse video. It's back. And here it is activated.

You know, I don't think anyone reads these.

Now back to the structure the player was shooting. We can see now it's called a "defensive relay", and it seems the player got 40 points for shooting it with their grenade launcher. Exactly what a defensive relay does is unknown, but I guess we will find out soon. Also, if you look closely, you will see that the read out underneath the minimap has changed back to what it was in the PS Pulse video where it didn't have a timer. The left side in red appears to still read defender, but it also seems to have a dash instead of a number. Does this mean that defenders have unlimited tickets when defending? Again, this is something else we shall see.

We now skip to 6:20 where we are greeted by this:

Wait, you're reading this! Hey listen!

It's not easy to see in the small version, but if you look at the larger version you can see that one of the objects behind the rock is a "Small Blaster Installation" I'm guessing that's a turret, possibly an automated one. Observant EVE players will also recognise the icon as that of a sentry gun in missions and complexes. The one on it's right is a "Clone Reserve Unit", basically a mobile spawn point. The last one (the one the player is aiming straight at) is a Supply Depot, for resupplying ammo and other supplies.

 If you also look on the minimap, you can also see that the object in the upper right side of the picture also has the same icon as the Small Blaster Installation.

People don't read me much. I feel lonely all the time.

If I was to hazard a guess, I would say that's one too.

Now, we get something a little different at 7:06

Hey where are you going? I thought you were reading me!

Why it's just a bit more of the fitting screen we saw the other day. Only this time, we're selecting what weapons we want.

While we've seen some of them, there are three we haven't seen, and two that appear to be WIP. First we have the "Spitfire" Boundless Specialist S-. Thanks to the cut off, this one is a bit of an enigma. But what ever it is, I'm guessing it's Minmatar, as it's a "Boundless" weapon, in reference to a Minmatar corporation named Boundless Creation. It could actually just be the Autocannon, but I doubt it, considering that it's been coming up on the kill feeds as "Heavy Machine Gun" and we're fitting a scout suit which can't use it anyway. I guess we will have to wait and see.

The second new one we can see is the "Horizon" Kaalakiota Sniper Rifle. Obviously, it's a sniper rifle, and a Caldari one at that (for those that don't know, Kaalakiota is one of the Caldari mega-corps) Which means if it's Caldari and it's not a missile, it's a railgun.

Third is the Wiyrkomi Swarm Launcher. This again, is a Caldari weapon, as Wiyrkomi is another of the Caldari mega-corps. However, unlike the other two we do get to see this demonstrated in the snippets of gameplay we saw earlier. Remember that multiple missile launcher? I'm guessing this is it.

And then we have the two WIP weapons. first the Laser Rifle. Obviously this is a laser weapon, likely an Assault rifle. And if it's a laser weapon, it's Amarr. Sadly, I don't think we have any examples from any pictures yet, so you will have to wait for more info.

Second is the Mass Driver. We do actually see this pop up several times in the video, and I'm guessing this is a railgun assault rifle. As such, it will likely have higher range/accuracy than it's blaster counterpart but lower damage.

And then we get this:

Don't leave me. I don't want to be alone again.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Officers of the Royal Navy, I give you the spawn screen. Now this battlefield looks quite small, so I'm guessing we're back to the "deathmatch" quick play one. You can also see that the teams are very unbalanced with 30vs 17. But that's besides the point. EDIT: Someone suggested that this is actually the remaining tickets for each team. This is actually more likely come to think of it...

Also of note is just below the minimap. That number there? That's your war points. Those are the things you spend to get vehicles, installations and other support.

However, if you thought that was good, wait till you see what we get next.

Fine. Leave me. I didn't want your attention anyway. Plus you smell.

May I present, the Killboard. It's not quite the same as they are in EVE, with this one looking more like a traditional scoreboard. But there are a number of interesting points here to note.
  • The planet that is being fought on is E-RPGP I. This is a Barren planet and is located in Jove space (though this is likely for testing purposes). 
  •  The contractors are "Ministry of War" and "Republic Security Services". Both are NPC corps in EVE, and are part of the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic respectively, factions that are both at war with each other.
  • Mercenaries are all from the four main races: Amarr, Minmatar, Caldari and Gallente. However, there seems to be a lot more Caldari than there are any other races. 
  • All of the mercenaries in this picture are members of various NPC corps. These include Deep Core Mining Inc. (Caldari), Mordu's Legion (Mordu's Legion), Blood Raiders (Blood Raiders), Archangels (Angel Cartel)
And lastly we have this little snippet at 7:40

No wait, don't go! I didn't mean that. :(

Remember that turret from before? Well this looks like one. However, this one has two barrels, and a different icon on the minimap - a missile. So I'm guessing this a missile launcher turret, but it's hard to say for certain, especially with the rounds that come out when it later fires (@ 8:18). The fact that someone is controlling it does seem make it less likely that there are auto turrets, but it could be a different type of turret, or it could be that they function like POS guns (auto fire when no one operates them, allow for manual control). I guess we will have to wait and see.

So what do you think? Did we miss something? Leave your thoughts in the comments below


  1. "And then we have the two WIP weapons. firs the Laser Rifle." You spelled "first" wrong. It's put down as "firs". Also there is this one here "First we ave the 'Spitfire' Boundless Specialist S- Which appears to be no idea. But what ever it is, it's Minmatar." You spelled "have" wrong. Also reread that sentence. I dunno if you want it as "Which appears to be no idea". Aside from the errors, This was very well done and I found the captions humor to be very funny. =] Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey, it was 4am. There was bound to be something. But thanks for pointing them out. I've fixed them now.

  2. Am I the only one who finds it ironic the Autocannon is supposed to be able to be fired for 12 seconds? :)

  3. Finally, our cries for gameplay have been answered, but only for now..

  4. Three things are bugging me about Dust 514.

    First, the lack of Iron Sights, unfortunately you can't aim down the Iron Sights in this game. You can clearly see that in the Pistol shot above.

    Second, They have been showing vehicles in 3rd person, like the dropship in this, and the LAV in the Pulse video. I'm worried that we end up with vehicles with only 3rd person view in a FPS game like Homefront. But I remember the 2009 demo had 1st person view for the Fighter and the LAV. So hopefully that's still around. And the fact that the turret we see around the end is in 1st person, makes it silly not to have 1st person view for vehicles.

    Third, I see too much CQC in this footage. I don't know if thats because this is probably some sort of a death match type of mode. I hope there's much much bigger environments. And I hope that battles in Dust 514 don't be just over one installment/outpost at a time. I hope there will be lots of things going on at the same time, kinda like domination in MAG. You've your main objectives, say the Burnoff towers, then you've AAA battery, mortor battery, etc. Because honestly if 24 vs 24 go on such small battlefields, its gonna be a cluster **** and not fun at all.

    Can't wait for this game honestly, and hoping the best for it. Because there's basically nothing out there to play right now in terms of FPS. MAG is dead, BF3 SUCKS, CoD is all crap...

  5. I was going to chime in, but SuperMido took the words right out of my mouth on all points. Oh, and I was reeeeaaaalllly hoping to see 60fps from a ps3 exclusive. The footage looked like 30 to me :(

  6. You missed one thing about the knife: it seems that the knife has a gauge that is consumed with each slash and that recharge itself.
    Look at the HUD on the left and you will see what I mean.

    1. The gauge on the left is the shield/armour bars. However, I do see the movement on the inner most gauge. I don't believe this is a knife bar, since it would be more likely to be on the right side (with the main weapon HUD). I think it might be a sprint bar instead. Maybe the knife depletes the sprint bar? I guess we shall see.

    2. Possibly Capacitor? They have said that vehicles with have a Capacitor, maybe suits have one too

  7. The reason why there's less red than green is that you don't see those enemies that haven't been scanned. Or so it seems to me.

  8. Are you sur the last snippet is a turret ? Cause the guy is an attacker (see mini-map) and i don't see how a Turret would be usefull.

    I think it's more likely to be the inside view from an HAV equipped is a double missile launcher.

  9. Nice Work guys,

    I'd like to add a couple minor points.

    Except the fact that the gallente riffle seems really accurate ( awesooome), as seen at 1:35, you can also see the "flamy" animation to each bullet. This seems in phase with the thermal dominant type of damage that usual gallente blaster or railguns have. It seems that we have here one of the first clues of damage type. Is this something you guys could confirm comparing maybe other animations from particular guns of particular races?

    Also this red square with a dot in it's middle makes me wonder. It looks like it is somekind of main objective since it appears also at the top of the minimap sometimes. Since it seems like not all the enemy entities (buildings, turrets) have this kind of marker, could this be something given by the FC (fleet commander) up there in his MCC? I try to find clues of how the FC interacts with it's team and battlefield and I'm hoping this is one! What's your opinion?

    Finally, I tought I heard previously in one of the videos here on dustbase that every module would use cap. Thus I am quite suprised not seeing any manifestation of cap level in the present video. Will there only be capacitors in vehicules. If so, our dropship doesn't give any sign of it (unless I'm blind which also is higly probable).

    Thanks for this dissection anyway :)

    1. As far as the capacitor, it doesn't look like dropsuits have them. However, the vehicles definitely have them. While I didn't point them out (partly due to the timing of the article and the dev blog revealing the existence of capacitors on vehicles), I believe that they are the second set of bars on the left of the shield/armour bars you can see on the dropship and "turret" screens.

    2. I see yeah. Do you have an opinion on the red square marker perhaps? At this point of course nobody really has the exact answer i suppose but would you have a wild guess?

    3. Arghh ... Should have seen that one thanks