Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Full details on the DUST 514 Fanfest Tournament!

Full details just got revealed on Fanfest site.

Game mode: Ambush (Team Deathmatch)

Registration: Players can sign up at the desk in front of the EVE/DUST 514 PVP arena room on Thursday from 13:00 onwards. The first 192 people who registered on Thursday are in for the tournament. Anyone who registered after will be on standby and accepted to join in case there are no-shows. Participants can only register for one corporation.

1st team prize: 24 x PlayStation® Vita & 24x PlayStation® 3 *
2nd team prize: 24 x PlayStation® 3 **

+ a special surprise Grand Prize for the player with the best Kill/Death ratio from the first place team in the final match.

Tournament rules:
  • Game mode used is Ambush (Team Deathmatch) on the Biomass Outpost.
  • Each game is played with 24 players on each side - if a team doesn't have enough players, the first person on standby would be called in. In the event of no-shows and not having enough people on standby, the undermanned team will play at a disadvantage with whatever players they have.
  • The tournament structure is based on elimination: the winning team proceeds to semi-finals and then the finals, the losing team will be eliminated.
  • The team who first depletes the other team's clone reserves wins the battle. In the event of time running out before clone counts are exhausted, the team with the highest clone remains wins the match. 15 minute time limit per match.
  • Matches are pre-scheduled - All Participants must gather to the waiting area 15 minutes before the match begins.
  • Cheating is obviously not allowed (includes exploitation, sabotage etc). Cheaters will be expelled from both EVE and DUST competitions.
  • In the event of a server crash, the team with a higher clone count at the moment of the crash wins. The CCP tournament coordinator will always have the final word.
  • In the event of client crashes, the match continues as normal (although people who crashed might receive complimentary beer from the organizes for being such good bug hunters).
  • Prizes are claimed by the people participating in the matches they are awarded from. You cannot win a prize by just registering and not playing, you must participate in the battle to get a prize.
  • Prizes will be shipped to the winners, winners must provide all relevant shipping details to CCP (full name, address, phone number, etc).
  • All disputes are resolved at CCP's sole discretion.

* One PlayStation® Vita and one PlayStation® 3 for each team member!
** One PlayStation® 3 for each team member!


  1. Team death match...Meh..But I see why they won't be using any of the objective ones, because no one will know what they're doing.

    Well, now that tournament is something that I'll care less about, I'm more interested in the 1.5 hours keynote, I wonder what they'll have to say for 1.5 hours...LOL...Also hoping for the release date, and beta start date :)

  2. One can easily see that Sony has invested a lot in this.

  3. 48x PS3 and 24x Vita is hardly a big investment.

  4. yeah right, That's at least $20,000 worth of giveaways for a small tournament. in the grand scale of things its just a drop in the Ocean but its not everyday a company gives away $20k on a indie companies tournament.