Monday, March 19, 2012

DUST 514 Fanfest Schedule and Countdown!

Here it is! DUST 514 related schedule for fanfest! You can find all the DUST Fanfest 2012 coverage over here, or just clicking the button in the right sidebar. If you are interested in a full schedule, you can find it right here. Keep in mind that Fanfest itself will start at 10am GMT, so you should definitely also check stream at that time and not just highlighted DUST 514 times!

Current GMT is:


  1. OMG, I CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT!!!! I just went to and read more details on the full brochure, and damn I'm SOOO excited. Especially for the Dust 514 seeding the universe: "For the thousands of planets in New Eden, hear how we will populate each planet with its own terrain, outposts, surface infrastructure, and game modes". Hoping the best for Dust, and hopefully Grideris will be getting us all the info from there, especially the things that might not be streamed.

  2. Take notes Grideris...

  3. This is incredible. I'm taking the day off from work to watch this.