Monday, March 12, 2012

CAST 514 Episode 3 - Scary Capacitors

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CAST 514 Episode 3 focuses on Free to Play model, microtransactions vs "pay to win", new dev blog about vehicles, EW, Capacitors, all sorts of modules, GDC footage dissection and more details we missed, bots, and fanfest preparations! We hope you will enjoy this cast as much as we did, and if you did, you may want to follow Base on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to keep up-to-date with all the latest news.

We mentioned: GDC gameplay footage dissection, recent vehicle dev blog, post about bots, CAST 514 Episode 1 - CCP Grand Opening, submit your questions here, EVE Uni lecture that Grideris did here, and also live chat that you can join right here! Oh, and Hilmar's tweet about S153 and his reply that it is ASCII code...

Huge thanks to HaZaR (creator of EVE Online: Crucible trailer music) for making CAST 514 intro music! You should definitely check his work on his dedicated Soundcloud page as well!


  1. I think the suits do have a capacitor. If you watch the 23 seconds of DUST footage from the Pulse video when the DUST soldier is sprinting up some stairs there is a circle that depletes.

    this could just be a stamina bar, but I think it would make more sense if that had been a capacitor that was boosting energy to his suit.

  2. bots would be a good idea as long as they represent pirate factions as in EVE Online

  3. I'm a longtime Xbox player and I have played the EVE trial but not to the point to where i learned about resistances. I do, however believe i know what resistances are. I'm Guessing it would work like this:

    say you had armor that had 50% E-WAR resistance, 75 Explosive resistance, and 0 energy resistance then if someone tried to drain your capacitors then it would only drain half as fast.rockets and grenades would only do 25 percent damage, and lasers and energy beams would do full damage.

  4. Hey heard my name ^^ Fu** me i'm famous :D

    Otherwise, nice talk. Covers nicely every latest bit of news. good job.

  5. Well, as a shooter player i think most of the confusion isn't platform based, its genre's that are acting as the barrier here. Even on PC we really havn't seen something like this besides (remotely) planetside. Im certain armored core, Demons' souls, and other action rpg players could adapt fine.