Thursday, March 15, 2012

But wait, there's more DUST 514 from GDC 2012!

UPDATE: Just asked CCP CmdrWang about the summer beta on twitter, and his response is that they will actually be letting more people in very soon. Maybe it's just a general availability in summer?

Seems that Gametrailers wasn't the only bunch to get their hands on the footage of DUST 514 at GDC 2012. The Verge also got it, but unlike Gametrailers, they didn't cut it up so much.

Now what does this mean, you ask? We already saw all there was to see, right?

Well, not quite as it would seem. While nothing mind blowing, there are a few extra frames we've been able to pull from the video that we didn't see before.

Click for larger image
First off, we have the weapon switch screen. While nothing particularly special, it's nice to see. However, it does have an awful lot of empty slots there. Might be a sign of just how much gear you can bring?

Now, remember this image from the previous analysis?

Click fo- Hey, it's you again! It's nice to see you.
That was kinda cool right? Well what Gametrailers forgot to show us was the preceding frames before it.

I'm sorry about what I said earlier. Really.
First things first, you can see that our intrepid mercenary starts his attack from a dropship (as many speculated). You can also see an overhead view of the turrets, supply deport and a CRU. We can also see that you can hack turrets, in this instance, a Large Railgun Installation.

But wait, there's another one!

It's just I have abandonment issues. People leave me all the time
This frame is from just as the player bails out of the dropship. If you were observant, you would have noticed Objective A in the previous image. Here you can see it much more clearly, as well as the buildings surrounding it. You can also see another dropship, and a collection of buildings further off in the distance.

And not long after, we get another shot of Objective A from the ground.

Can we put this behind us and start fresh? Please?
And that's not all. For those with sharp hearing, if you start listening to the video from 1:05, you can hear a female voice saying "MCC shield damage increasing". Guess it's nice to know that mission control is going to be giving us some audio updates as the battle rages on.

There are also more details on planetary combat. To quote from David Reid (CMO, CCP) :
Those planets are all divided into districts, and those districts have control points. Control points then, for the company, the corporation in EVE that controls them, get the resources from it, and earn currency off those resources being built.
 Here's some others:
  • Players will start off from with contracts from NPC corps.
  • Intention is that players will move towards more lucrative player issued contacts
  • Contacts will scale in size - range from 1v1 to 24v24 (at this stage)
  • Linking DUST 514 and Incarna is on the table from down the line. Think negotiating contacts over a drink in a bar, face to face. 
  • Beta start is pushed back to Summer 2012, but release is still on track for 2012.
 So what do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.
And should we forgive the captions?



    1. ahh ... maybe look at the footage from EVEFANFEST

  2. Jokka +1

    Thanks for the post. Now that we know that eve players will recieve money and ressources from invading a planet through mercs, I'm less concerned about the fact that Eve players could have potentially not given a crap about the dust mechanics. They probably will be interested then if there is more than simple sov rewards. And if there is more for them... there is more yummy contracts for us :D

  3. was awesome to learn more about that, what I was wondering though in the video is the district bits he was talking about, does that mean that there will be several battles within a planet? and each battle(district) is the 24x24?
    and does that mean that players can travel from district to district?
    and does that mean within every district there are different Control points that do different thing or have different strengths?
    also idk what others think what he was saying about Dust and Eve players talking face to face (avatar face to face that is) but I think that is a great idea, just more ways to immures oneself into the great awesome universe that is Eve.

    1. 1) There will be multiple battles on the same planet probably!
      2) We don't know if players will be able to travel freely from district to district (assuming there is no active combat over there) but hopefully :)
      3) Control points may be different from each other yes - specifically which gives which resource (and how many) or which one has bigger infrastructure etc.

      Keep in mind though that this is only speculation because these details are not officially revealed! Keep an eye out for Fanfest!

  4. summer? ughhh isnt the game suppose to launch in summer?
    i hope console only players get a GOOD timeframe to test this and not the usual 2 weeks demo which ppl pass of as a beta like seems to be the trend these days

  5. Cant wait for April now. This beta is going to answer a lot of questions I have been having.

  6. Considering that the capsuleers throughout the New Eden cluster have made whole careers out of ganking miners, scamming players, griefing incursions, etc., I can see a lot of player-driven content coming from Dust 514. Imagine, having to deal with potential spies, lone wolves that try to hinder your ability to ruin your objective, mercs trying to manipulate or corner their local market. I can see it now.

    1. Oh yes, and a lot more :)

    2. Dang it, typo. I meant "try to hinder your ability to finish* your objective"

    3. Thats the kind of interaction we're all hoping for. Hopefully it lives up. If it does, this game will be a true REVOLUTION in the gaming world. Hopefully fanfest will bring some info on the whole industry system.