Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brace yourselves. DUST 514 at Fanfest is coming

We all know that DUST is about to hit us on Fanfest and that you will be able to see it on live stream for absolutely free. Now, a little bit about your expectations and about some realism...

What you can expect to see:
  • Game mechanics, including some things you have not seen yet.
  • Work in progress. This is far from finished game and you should treat it like that. This means that yes, there may be bugs seen during the tournament.
  • Non-competitive matches. Those people are not true e-sport players and depending on whether they get to use a controller or mouse/keyboard, some of them may be terrible at it. Don't judge too harshly. Remember, these guys might be cannon fodder for your corporation one day.
  • Interviews post and after tournament. We'll get bunch of information relevant to DUST once the match itself finishes and your brain is trying to process all the things you saw.
  • Perhaps new trailer about EVE/DUST link or an exclusive "mostly-DUST" video (like E3 trailer)
  • (possible) Announcement about the planned release date (E3 is far away still and by the time E3 starts it will be too late)
  • More details on Mordu's Private Trials, also known as the DUST 514 Beta.

What you should not expect:
  • Beta keys thrown around for everyone.
  • Not breaking your comfort zone with all your previous FPS experience. Get used to changes - embrace them and observe them with constructive criticism but not "oh my god BF3 has this but dust doesn't this is going to be bad".
  • Ultra-detailed information about the game that you want answered. There are so many questions about the game that even developers don't have answer for yet. This is still work in progress and a lot of things may be planned even post-release. It's an MMO - get used to patching it up constantly.
  • Constant talk about DUST on stream. This is fanfest and that means EVE is going to be talked about as well and there will be Alliance Tournament taking place, too.

Now, with that out of the way - you also should keep in mind that after seeing the DUST tournament - you should never "rate" the game based just on a few matches. We will do full game coverage once beta is open to the public and the NDA is lifted. At that stage, you will also be able to start building your own opinion.

Also, you can expect to see bunch of posts during fanfest. Don't "rip" from the stream to make low quality videos from Fanfest and post them on Youtube. CCP will upload full quality tournaments on their Youtube channel and you will be able to re-watch all of them in all of their quality glory. We will not try to deliver on low quality posts because we want to cover things properly and in "HD" here.

Grideris will be there asking devs questions, playing the game and giving us exclusive live information about DUST that you will find right here, on Base. We will try our best to post everything that we find out as soon as possible, so keep your browsers locked here from 22-24th of March! The moment schedule gets out we will also post it so you know when to expect things to happen and start watching the live stream!

UPDATE: Full schedule is now live right here.

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