Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The pot of gold at the end of the DUST 514 tournament

Seems that there's going to be a little pot of gold at the end of the DUST 514 tournament at Fanfest. Specifically an entertainment system and a PS3 to the tournament winners. Announced moments ago by CCP CmdrWang in game.

So if you're going to Fanfest, make sure you enter. It could all be yours.

Update #1 on the EVE Online forums from Cmdr Wang:
The current plan is to have players register for the tournament and play against each other. We will have tutorials so people can quickly learn how the game is played. There are no plans for a player vs. dev tourney, but I suspect that if we did it would be the players who will be kicking butts. :)
Update #2 It seems that you will be able to sign up for the tournament on fanfest itself, not before, and that only attendees will participate - meaning that MPT may not start before fanfest:
The registration for the tournament will be at Fanfest.
Afraid this will be just for Fanfest for now.


  1. So this means it will not be a "demonstration" tournament by CCP employees, but by Eve players who have never seen the game before (since the beta will begin after fanfest.)

  2. FF just can't come soon enough! Better be "sick" for a week so I can hone my FPS skills :)

  3. Damn it, I missed this, had to go to bed, is that all Cmdr Wang said?

    1. Pretty much. He also said that devblog is coming in a few days.

    2. But waaiitt, you don't even go into the Dust 514 channel, unless you use an alt.

    3. I told him since I was there.