Monday, February 20, 2012

DUST 514 logo in Minecraft - Sandboxception!

I call it de_dust_514 (texture pack: soartex fanver)
Sometimes I make crazy things in Minecraft - in both creative, hardcore and normal. That's my hobby and I enjoy it. Well, since I love DUST that much as well, I figured it would be cool to merge two together. Both are sandbox games where you do what you want, and I did this. Below are two different angles (without texture pack) and process of creating the logo. I also was aiming specifically for desert because it feels like it's made for dust-like atmosphere. Ironically - I spawned in snow area which I was hunting for ages. 

I used pattern in Photoshop that was 16 x 16px square with white edges (1px), and applied it to the logo. Afterwards I colored squares a little different so I can count a bit easier - and then just followed my pattern. It was really fun and I plan on not stopping here. 

More things will come - soon‌™!



  1. Remake the battle shown in the E3 video, that'd top the charts.