Saturday, February 25, 2012

DUST 514 Fanfest Tournament Details

Here we will try to keep you informed about everything we know so far about the tournament that will happen on EVE Fanfest 2012. So far we know (confirmed either on twitter or in-game or on forums by CCP) these things:
  • Players will be able to sign up for the tournament on the event itself, not before
  • Prizes will be PS3's and full entertainment system for first place
  • Matches will be attendees vs attendees, no developers or "external participants" involved
  • Currently it is planned to be 24 vs 24 battle
  • 100+ people will get to play the game on Fanfest
  • It is planned to cover matches on the live stream
That's it for now and we are working on finding out more about the event constantly. This post will be updated once we get more info and posted again on twitter and facebook page. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Official tournament rules are up.


  1. goddammit if only i could go to fanfest. Sounds like those PS3's would be Dust themed too

  2. "Currently it is planned to be 24 vs 24 match although CCP may expand on that (don't worry - it is probably matter of actual space and not player cap per match)"

    Why would they have larger than 24v24? Wang has said it is expected to be 24v24 at release. They will have 48 PS3s at fanfest and have space, etc. for them. They are not going to pull dozens of PS3s out of their posteriors to demo a match size that will probably not be available at launch.

    In fact that want to show that 24v24 is a perfectly fine match size in this game. Of course larger match will be even better, but that will happen when it happens.

    They will accommodate 100+ players by simply having multiple matches, probably either in a round-robin or a bracket culminating in a final match between the best two teams.

    1. Just saying that 24v24 may not be final decision. We don't have any official confirmation that this is going to be maximum. Probably will just have to wait and see on fanfest what is final decision, but I am fine with 24v24 myself as well.

  3. 24v24 is fine. like i said many times shouldnt go above 32v32 imho. Teamwork starts to drop off and matches becoming more zerg-like and not actually tactical + the higher the player count more chances randoms can take place in corp matches (they said so waaaay back) and with a game with heavy consequences i dont think any corp would like the gamble on who gets the better randoms.