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CAST 514 Episode 1 - CCP Grand Opening

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Here we are! CAST 514 grand opening and as we promised, we brought CCP friends to open it up! Together with us were CCP CmdrWang (Community Manager for DUST 514) and CCP Praetorian (Creative Director for DUST 514)! They talked to us about some things you never heard about, and those are going to be revealed in this episode. Further, we will highlight all of them as we go - in both upcoming blog posts and here, but for now - just listen! Also, I would like to give huge thanks to HaZaR (creator of EVE Online: Crucible trailer music as well) for making intro music! You should definitely check his work on his dedicated Soundcloud page as well!

@CCP CmdrWang - DUST 514 Community Manager
@CCP_Praetorian - DUST 514 Creative Director
HaZaR's Soundcloud - CAST 514 Music


Broadcastorm: Hello everyone and welcome to the first official episode of CAST 514. My name is Vladislav Perge, also known as Broadcastorm, and together with me is my co-host that likes to spam CCP every twelve hours on twitter, Ben Gruber, also known as Grideris. What's up Grideris?

Grideris: Not much and it's not always every twelve hours. Sometimes I give them a little bit longer. 22, 23, sometimes 18, but never over 24.

Broadcastorm: Well now we have mentioned in Episode 0 that we will bring some CCP friends to talk with us a little bit about that game called DUST, so gentlemen, welcome to CAST 514 Episode 1

CCP Praetorian: Thank you

CCP CmdrWang: Thank you

Broadcastorm: Could you guys please introduce yourselves to the listeners, who are you and what's your job in CCP generally

CCP Cmdr Wang: Sure, my name is Phil Wang. I'm the DUST 514 community manager.

CCP Praetorian: My name is Alti Mar. I'm the creative director on DUST 514. Also known as CCP Praetorian.

Broadcastorm: Awesome. So as community manager what is your main role in CCP and DUST 514 when it launches and before it launches.

CCP CmdrWang: One of my main responsibilities would be to cooperate and help with our marketing department and reaching out to as many fan base and player groups as possible for the launch of the game DUST 514. And also, as the game progresses, maintaining relationships with our fan base and player base.

Broadcastorm: Sounds awesome. And Praetorian, what's your job directly for DUST 514?

CCP Praetorian Well as the creative director I maintain the game's vision and I set goals for each of our releases or milestones together with the product management group  and just overall make it a really good game and make it fit nicely with the EVE universe.

Grideris: If I  might ask, do you keep your office dusty to keep yourself immersed in the proper vision for DUST?

CCP Praetorian: Yea, precisely. No no no we have a very clean office. Pretty cool actually. Have we released any images?

Grideris: No you haven't. I don't think.

CCP CmdrWang: I think we a few years ago we did an interview with Edge

CCP Praetorian: Oh yea yea yea the Edge interview there were some pictures of our office there but I'm sure Phil can sneak a couple of photos for you guys to see our work.

Grideris: Do you have a fish tank?

CCP Praetorian: Yes we do.

Grideris: Oh good, we need to see some photos of that

CCP Praetorian: It's not as big as Hilmar's in Reykjavik

Grideris: Size doesn't matter, it's what you put in it.

CCP Praetorian: Tell that to Hilmar

CCP CmdrWang: Actually if I remember there was a hole in the ground that I fell into one time.

CCP Praetorian: Yea that's right we have two. We have a fish tank that is lovingly taken care of by our level director and a couple of the IEs that work with us, and there's the Japanese pond in the lobby.

CCP CmdrWang: The death trap.

CCP Praetorian: The death trap.

Grideris: Is this going to be providing some level inspiration for DUST?

CCP Praetorian: Yea exactly; kill volumes

Broadcastorm: Well we should really go on with the interview right now. So Grideris, what's your first question and the official statement from CCP about the thing that people don't still believe us.

Grideris: Yes yes yes. Gentlemen, can you please for once and for all settle it: DUST will support the mouse and keyboard in-game when you're shooting. Can you please settle this for once and for all?

CCP Praetorian: Yes

CCP CmdrWang: Yes we can. Yes we will support the mouse and keyboard for DUST514 including in-game shooting. And I just want to add that you know we are aware of how critical this is to get it right because we've seen other games try to attempt this and there were some problems. But we are dedicated considerable amount of resources into this particular feature because we want to do it right and we want to make sure that our players when they use the mouse and keyboard they will have a very good experience comparable to what they're used to on the PC.

Grideris: Now another question that his revelation has brought up is what is the balance between the mouse and the keyboard versus the controller and by extension, against Playstation Move going to be like? Are you going to make sure that it's all balanced. Because we've had a lot of concern over this. Yes?

CCP Praetorian: We're learning a lot the difference between the three styles of control. And I mean obviously we're still developing it, still balancing, and our commitment is very high. It's supposed to be perfect. But we'll go into more detail on that later once we've you know, kind of hammered in all of the details.

Grideris: Sounds good.

Broadcastorm: So from your experience what's your favourite equipment combination on foot? What dropsuit, gun, modules, other sorts of gear?

CCP Praetorian: Well, in EVE I am a Gallente ship pilot and I use blasters so I think that reflects a little bit in my gear in DUST. I use the prototype assault dropsuit and the Killswitch GK-38 assault rifle.

Grideris: That's the one in the trailer, isn't it?

CCP Praetorian: No not this one. It's a bit better. But yea because my character has oblivious progressed a little bit and stuff, so I've skilled up to these items. I fit damage mods and like a small armour rep. it's a pretty weak fit in terms of defence, you know hit points? But it does awesome damage.

Grideris: So basically it's a Brutix with feet

CCP Praetorian: Or a Taranis more

CCP CmdrWang: Well for me, I'm more of an Amarr pilot in EVE. Always have been. So for me obviously the obvious choice is the heavy Amarr suit which I'm sure you would have seen in one of our previous dev blogs. I've also fitted it with a BFG which I think you've also seen-

CCP Praetorian: Our equivalent of

CCP CmdrWang: Yea, our equivalent of the BFG. So with a fit like that it's a very good anti-vehicle fit. And as you know that DUST will have lots of vehicle fighting in-game as well, this particular fit with the heavy dropsuit and the anti-vehicle forge gun is a very effective way and economically speaking as well of dealing with pesky Gallente LAVs zooming around trying to do bad things.

CCP Praetorian: Or my Marauder. Well it's also like the heavy asset/vehicle killing machine. It's really effective if you work with other people using electronic warfare or the stasis stuff. If you pit yourself against my Marauder I'll win [by yourself]. Well, unless your on an elevated position behind a rock or something. On the rope though I'll win.

Grideris: I don't think we've heard anything about the Marauder specifically. is that another racial heavy attack vehicle? Because we've only seen the Caldari and the Gallente ones.

CCP Praetorian: The marauder is my favourite vehicle in the game. It's a type of HAV. It's called Surya is the name of that. It's a heavy damage dealer. It's a very advanced vehicle. And I fit it with a blaster obviously. And crap load of damage mods.

Grideris: So basically, this is instead your Hyperion with tracks.

CCP Praetorian: Yea, exactly. And just like my assault suit, my dropsuit, it's pretty weak on the defence side so it's good to have a friend that remote armour reps. You know, spider tanking.

CCP CmdrWang: Bit of a glass cannon.

Grideris: And how long have you two been playing EVE for actually if I might ask?

CCP Praetorian: Woah. Beta

Grideris: Beta?

CCP CmdrWang: For me since 2006 which is when I first joined CCP.

Grideris: So we have some serious veterans here. Now, another thing from EVE we've had a lot of people asking,  a lot of people hinting at the wonderful skill training system in EVE which sets it apart from pretty much everything else. Is it going to be making a return to DUST 514?

CCP Praetorian: Yes. But with a twist.

Grideris: With a twist?

CCP Praetorian: Yes. We share EVE's passive skilling or the overall concept of passive skilling. And then that is modified with active skilling, or success in battles and other PvP can speed up your skill point accrual. There's a lot of nuance that I don't think is possible to dive into right now but we have a dev blog very soon explaining this properly.

Grideris: I look forward to this with bated breath.

CCP CmdrWang: I just want to add is that breadth and the progress length of these skill progressions for DUST will be just as expansive and long and as encompassing as EVE's.

Grideris: I like the sound of that.

Broadcastorm: So you're pretty much going to combine the fight with the passive skilling in EVE and you can pretty much boost your character in solo way as you play the more you're going to get skills and if don't play you're not going to progress that fast versus that guy that plays constantly.

CCP Praetorian: Yea. That's basically how it works. Obviously there's you know, we can't have too much disparity between the two so we have some mechanics in there to balance that out.

Broadcastorm: Yea, obviously.

CCP CmdrWang: One of the things that was brought up was that in a passive learning progression system that EVE has one of the things that players point out is that newer players will never have the chance of catching up to the older players so we've kinda taken that feedback and sort of considered that. DUST is a good chance for us to implement a system where you know, a new player, if he or she trys really hard and plays quite a bit has a chance of catching up to older plays

CCP Praetorian: He or she is a good trooper. But of course we rely on specialisations as a big mechanic to allow newer players to meaningfully contribute to corporation warfare in 0.0 and stuff like that. And there's a new player just like in EVE you want to be able to skill fairly quickly into, you know, in EVE it's the interceptor pilot or for us it's the scout , the dude that scans shit and stuff.  Very similar.

Broadcastorm: Sounds awesome. Well we've seen at one stage from a fitting screen that the ability to use certain meta-level items are tied to services for particular factions. What's the deal with that?

CCP Praetorian: Can you articulate that a little bit? Explain it in more detail?

Grideris: Basically from one of the fitting screens that you released as a screenshot, there was a particular module that was a Minmatar faction module. But it also had imposed on the screen saying that there was a particular achievement or level you had to get in service for the Minmatar Republic to be able to use the module. What was the deal with that?

CCP Praetorian: Ah, we can't talk about that right now.

Grideris: Can't talk about that right now?

CCP Praetorian: No.

Grideris: Super secret something?

CCP Praetorian: Super secret something.

CCP CmdrWang: You'll like it. You will like it.

Grideris: Alright, we'll keep an eye for that

CCP Praetorian: Soon

Grideris: Soon. Soon™ or Soon?

CCP Praetorian: Soon™.

Grideris: OK. And which one of your, I know you elaborated on this a bit for dropsuits, but which of the vehicles is your absolute favourite so far?

CCP Praetorian: Well like I said before, mine is the Marauder. But what's yours?

CCP CmdrWang: Well for me it's the dropship.

Grideris: The dropship?

CCP CmdrWang: Oh yea. Actually no, a lot of people don't give it the credit it's due because people like Atli they always like to come in with big guns and heavy tanks come in and go RAAWR. The dropship is a very tactically flexible kind of a vehicle. probably one of the most flexible vehicles we have.

CCP Praetorian: It's great for healing, one of it's variants is great for healing

CCP CmdrWang: I mean you can use it for a variety of different roles depending on the fit. You can use it for scouting, you can use it for transport or you can use it for remote repair like Atli said. And also if you wanted to you could put out a fair amount of damage.

CCP Praetorian: You can fit it into a proper aerial damage dealer.

Grideris: If I'm not mistaken I remember with the dropship actually from the dev blog for vehicles it said you can actually give it a cloak and there's also a Clone Reanimation Unit which basically allows people to just straight into battle in your dropship which must make it pretty insane. Especially if, I don't know about fitting mechanics yet, but if you can combine the two that's pretty insane.

CCP Praetorian: Yes, you can. And it's the mobile CRU it's pretty fun. It's neat. Our spawns are mostly dynamic, we prefer players to be in control of spawn points. So this is just one of the mechanics that ties into that.

Grideris: I for one, being a victim of spawn camping on occasion, thank you very much.

CCP Praetorian: We've democratised spawn camping.

Broadcastorm: What's actually the best moment you've had in the internal beta recently that you can describe in a rough sense, you don't have to go into specifics, but what was your favourite moment recently from the game.

CCP Praetorian: Well we had plenty of really cool moments but I guess one of the more memorable moments was the kill Eino tournament. It's not a part of the game play, it's after one of our release demos, we had a release party the week before Christmas. And Eino, our economist, and a few others set up a mock zombie mode where Eino was alone against a bunch of NOVA knife wielding players pretending to be zombies. And it was just hilarious.

CCP CmdrWang: Actually the funny thing about the zombie mode was something we kinda just stumbled upon by sorta by accident where we were doing a play test and then we expected some people to show up but some people didn't so we were kind of short on players and we said well what can we do to salvage this play test and someone said "Hey why don't we have 7 guys just run around with knives and have them try to kill Eino by himself". So we said "OK, let's give it a shot" and it turned out to be pretty fun. Alone against against a bunch of knife wielding guys.

CCP Praetorian: Ejyo is really good by the way,

CCP CmdrWang: He's one of our top players

CCP Praetorian: You want him on your team, or you want to hunt him down if he's not

CCP CmdrWang: But going back to that kill Eino tournament that Atli mentioned. The best moment within that tournament was when Eino was surrounded by some of these zombies coming after him and then he throws a very well timed grenade and it blew up four zombies in one go and we're all like "WOAH!"

CCP Praetorian: Yea he was running off, he was in one of the outposts, he ran off a I don't know what object, probably some containers or whatever, and turned around in the air, threw the grenade it bounced off like two walls and then landed and then they all exploded. Then the kill messages came and it was like "Holy Shit!" It some skill. It was really cool.

CCP CmdrWang: It was amazing

Grideris: So are we going to get zombie mode?

CCP Praetorian: Well, you know...

Grideris: Actually I know a lot of people asked about a training mode. If we get a training we would probably be able to do that ourselves.

CCP Praetorian: We have areas for players to train and test fits and stuff.

Grideris: And with that you just made a million players very very happy people. Potentially. And actually on that note, is there any particular feature that you've put out to the public that everyone has pretty much missed that you think we should be all excited and jumping up and down in our chairs about?

CCP Praetorian: Good question. I think you guys have pretty much caught on all of them. Of course there are features that we haven't introduced.

Grideris: We can't be excited about those yet because we don't even know they exist

CCP Praetorian: You can extrapolate. I don't know.

Grideris: We can speculate. We've done a lot of that.

CCP CmdrWang: I just want to mention that for the in-game voice chat system. I know players have brought questions about that and I wanted to make sure that asking if we're going to provide that in DUST. And the answer is definitely yes, we will have in-game voice support for DUST 514.

Grideris: So you'll be able to stand on the ground in your dropsuit and basically talk to the guy in the Dreadnought up in orbit shooting at the other guys. Directly?

CCP Praetorian: Yep

Grideris: And with that you've also made many other millions of players happy

Well that pretty much concludes our interview, mostly. The questions were really really kind of general stuff obviously CCP fans are not really allowed to talk about details still. But hopefully with the upcoming content that we will consume really soon I think that CmdrWang mentioned that we should expect not one video but perhaps more videos.

CCP CmdrWang: I've been seeing a lot on twitter and other social media places where people are asking when are we going to have for example, a dev video blog and new trailers and things like that. So I just want to let you guys let everyone know that we're actually currently working on several videos at once which would include tutorial videos, more in-game reveal videos or trailers and also the dev blog video as well. We've kinda stretched out on resources right now for video production. But we're are tying to do all of these at the same time because we have a very tight schedule where we're going to be releasing these to the public. So just bear with us for a little while longer and you will see pretty very awesome videos.

Grideris: So this means I can stop asking you every day when the next dev blog is coming out on twitter?

CCP CmdrWang: Please. Yes.

Grideris: Actually CCP Jian, Brandon, basically said as well that the actual MPT, Mordu's Private Trials will be starting a few weeks after that. And you mentioned a tutorial video. Is that for the release of the MPT as well?

CCP Praetorian: It's related

Grideris: It's related?

CCP CmdrWang: It's going to be in conjunction with the MPT.

Grideris: So we're going to be seeing this all soon, but not Soon™?

CCP Praetorian: Soon, not soon™

Broadcastorm: Well without ™ is definitely good for me, or at least good enough. Well thank you gentlemen so much for this interview. Hopefully some people got their questions answered and those that didn't get answers will hopefully have another interview later on when the game launches or it reaches beta

Grideris: And before you guys go I have to do this or they'll kill me. The DUST514 channel in-game, they wanted to have a shout out to you guys and just say hi to you guys. And that they love you and they want you to come talk to them in-game one day because they feel unloved.

CCP CmdrWang: Oh absolutely

Broadcastorm: Well I would also like to thank DJ HaZar the guy that is from Iceland and did the intro music for CAST 514. You might remember him from the trailer for EVE Online Crucible. The stuff on that trailer? That's him. I also do hope you enjoyed this episode of CAST 514. This is Broadcastorm and Grideris, signing off.

Grideris: We will see you gentlemen next time.


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