Tuesday, January 17, 2012

David Reid joins CCP as DUST 514 is closing in

Brand new chief marketing officer has come to CCP! His name is David Reid and he is well known marketing guy from Trion Worlds (Rift, World of Nations), NCsoft (Guild Wars, Aion, Lineage, City of Heroes), and other major gaming companies, that has been waiting for CCP position for a long time. Congratulations David and may DUST 514 be an amazing launch with you! Now give us some gameplay footage and get us even more excited!

Hopefully there will be some more press releases in the upcoming days from London as Hilmar is there and doing business, and hopefully he did not come there just to welcome Reid but to tell a lot more things about our favorite game! Also, his CCP Name is CCP Pokethulhu, so keep an eye out for his introduction on eveonline website very soon!

Read parts of the article (where they mention DUST 514 anyway, but don't expect many new things) here, or continue reading entire thing on venturebeat:
Reid joins the Reykjavik, Iceland-based company as it prepares to launch its biggest game in years, the first-person shooter sci-fi title Dust 514. The hire gives CCP Games some veteran marketing firepower, as Reid previous served as marketing chief for Trion Worlds, GameTap and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 business. 
Not only is Dust 514 an interesting marketing challenge, it’s also a big technological challenge, P├ętursson said. The company has had to more than double its computing power to accommodate a single game environment and backend that is shared by both games. On top of that, CCP Games has to synchronize game play across the PlayStation 3 and PC game platforms. 
Reid said he would ramp up efforts to get Dust 514 in the hands of the press and will start publicizing the game through a variety of means.
Update: Here is the official press release on CCP Games website. 

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