Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RPGamer EVE Interview from PAX - DUST 514 bits

Thanks to @Mitauchi tweet, we discovered PAX 2011 interview from that is talking (with CCP Soundwave) mostly about EVE Online but has very interesting bit from 07:31 until 11:37 about DUST as well. What he pretty much confirmed in the video is:
  • You purchase gear in bulk before battle, and once you die, you have to refit your character completely, just like in Counter-Strike, just a little bit deeper. Hopefully you will be able to save your fittings as well and just click-load them up on yourself again and move on.
  • "Casual-friendly" part will exist only in "insignificant" (say, high security space) parts of space, while nullsec and lowsec areas of space will for sure be for dedicated players that want to go deep into the game.
  • Slots and implants will define what your role will be in battle, so you can focus on tanking, sniping, speed and vehicle eliminating etc.
Once again, thanks to RPGamer for those questions about DUST 514, and the tweet that discovered it! Also, I advise you to listen to the entire interview, just so you can get a little bit clearer picture about EVE universe if you are not EVE player yourself! It is dangerous world, you better come prepared.

Stranded - Part 7

Another part of "Stranded" by CCP Remnant just got released!

“It takes seventy-two hours,” a bored looking lab coat tells me, “for all cognitive, memory and motor functions to be mapped and routed through the neuro-interface socket implanted in your head.” The NIS is a fountain of metal spouting out my skull. Bulky and uncomfortable, the weight of it makes it difficult to keep my head up straight. “A temporary solution until the procedure is complete,” says the coat when I complain.

“And what happens when the procedure is complete?” I ask.

He gives me a look of practiced annoyance that says this will be less painful for both of us if I stop asking questions. I shut up and with a weary sigh he goes back to work.

It’s hours before I’m allowed to return to my quarters. I don’t see it until I’m almost on top of it. Lying in the middle of the floor is a gun, and underneath it, a handwritten note with just two words on it: KILL YOURSELF. I would learn, much later, that seven days is the maximum allotted time for a recruit to commit suicide and complete the procedure. Anyone who fails to do so is removed from the program permanently. They could kill you, of course. A single pill or injection would be far more efficient. Instead, they had you do it yourself. It’s a test, the first of many.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DUST 514 Gamescom 2011 impressions

Even though we were not able to see DUST 514 directly on a booth and play it or discuss it publicly with developers, CCP did provide a lot of cool things for the press. Here are IGN and Joystiq articles about the game and their impressions so far.
Again, if I weren't watching the developers actually do this in front of me, I'd be reticent to point out how insanely impressive it was. -Joystiq
Don't get too attached to that stuff -IGN
The articles themselves are not telling many new things except new game mode and some other details (fittings die with you etc), but make sure to as well check the latest dev blog post that sums a lot of things up and prepares us for the upcoming cold-weather beta! I will go more into details and analysis about these articles in the future, but now: it is time to sleep after five productive days in Germany and absolutely no rest whatsoever!

Dev Blog - Tools of the Trade

Since unfortunately we did not get directly new things on Gamescom 2011 this year (there was no CCP dedicated booth, but there was press demo), we get very cool dev blog post in return- that tells a story about the game and what you will see in it for sure!


What is the greatest resource in a universe of 5,431 systems and in excess of 65,000 planets? It’s people. The players that populate New Eden are far and away the single most important resource it contains. They are as durable as Morphite, as beautiful as Zydrine, and as volatile as Isogen-5. Without them, New Eden would be a poorer place. Which is why socialization is so important to us as both developers and players. We want players to be able to communicate in-battle and out; to be able to easily find and play with friends; to have the tools to meet and make new friends (and enemies) while they’re sitting in front of their PS3 and even when they’re not. Games are fun, but life is meaningful. And you can’t live without interacting with other people.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stranded - Part 6 is online!

CCP Remnant's "Stranded" continues it's epic story and slowly building up towards something big. If you missed previous chapters and you are interested, visit the archive here.
When they come for me, I am alone in my room picking through a madman’s conspiracy. Shipping manifests, eyewitness accounts, email correspondence, hacked security footage. All the information I’d copied from the reporter’s datapad. Data that at first seemed completely random had, in the days since, started to make a lot more sense. Like one of those children’s puzzles, an optical illusion hiding a picture within a picture, the longer I stared at it all, the clearer everything became. The noise faded and, slowly, a pattern took shape.

The room fills with light. The brightness is overwhelming. Backlit by the stark, narrow-banded lighting in the corridor, three large shadows step through the opening door. I rub at my eyes. A thick, oily tear greases my face. Darkness leaks into the room, a roiling mass of black tar that comes bubbling through the walls, the floor, the ceiling. The men don’t seem to notice it. They keep on coming.

I try to blink away the liquid, and my eyelids almost stick together. I wipe at my face and my fingers come away black. I feel the tar ooze from my nose. I start to cough, hocking up thick fists of it. The darkness continues to rise, drowning the room in the tallow black of a thousand midnights. And through it all, they keep coming. The light from the doorway shrinks to a pinprick, and then everything is gone and I’m surrounded by nothing. Not for the first time, I throw up.

“Do you remember now, Traveller?” The voice is soft and expectant, almost pleading.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why DUST? Why 514?

A lot of you, both DUST and EVE players may be wondering why CCP called their game DUST 514 in the first place. Sure, dust means something, but the number could be anything and yet it is precisely "514". Today, we will reveal the mystery, trough speculations and things we know, of both DUST and 514. If you don't like "spoilers", you should not continue, but I don't know how exactly CCP will explain or even if they will explain why the game is called like that directly in-game, so this is not really that big of a spoiler, but more of a research and explanation. So, let's begin.

Back in 2009, EVE Insider brought us breaking news that Ishukone Corporation (NPC Corporation) won the rights to develop in Intaki System just two days after the trailer. Ishukone Corporation is Caldari mega corporation that has, unlike other corporations, very strong relations with Jovians and is deeply involved in research and integration of their technology into their own....

As you can see, the first thing appearing in the first ever trailer made for DUST 514 is actual Ishukone Corporation Warbarge that is flying in Intaki space, just near Planet V in the system (Intaki V). Ishukone Corporation made fortune with the Capsule technology originally coming from Jovians, and they wanted to achieve something more with the advantage they had...

They, in fact, invaded Intaki system and deployed Caldari soldiers on the ground to secure the entire Planet V. During the invasion, Ataharan Taldaraani, one of the survivors, joined the rebel organization named "Dust of Intaki". The story further developed, and we slowly were discovering that Caldari were doing some kind of experiments on Intaki. We discovered that indeed Intaki people were the most resistant to capsule experiments, and that they needed to be controlled and  in order to proceed with the cloning experiments that Ishukone were about to do. It seems like they are perfect for the job: resistant to be a capsuleer but possibly ideal ground soldiers.

Let's analyze: We have Planet 5 (the homeworld of Intaki system) that is being invaded and enslaved by Ishukone, mega Caldari corporation that has technology unlike anyone else and that is doing some interesting cloning business and experiments on moon 14 where they made their first set of marines, and, we have group of resistance fighters on Intaki called "DUST of Intaki".

After the dominion, Ishukone are on Intaki Prime and they are doing their work- developing new ways to breed better killing machines - marines of New Eden. What happened with Ataharan? His status is unknown for now, as he left for University of Caille in Bourynes system to become a capsuleer... Further, the story developed a little bit with Federation Navy trying to re-establish control of Intaki, but failed. Later on, a brief press conference was held to address hostilities against Ishukone and Mordu's Legion in Intaki. Mordu's Legion kept the military control over Intaki, as they are mercenary corporation that does their job well. We are just wondering, if Ishukone did successfully settle in Intaki, and nobody does actually know what they are doing, how far are we from yet another war? Whatever the case may be, Intaki is now home base of Ishukone Corporation, and they intend to stay there, developing their research and their technology, and possibly make even better soldiers with it. This sounds like perfect beginning for our game. We know that DUST soldiers will use different cloning technology from capsuleers of EVE, and this is the technology that will enable soldiers to "stay alive" in-game.

This is all speculation, of course, because CCP never confirmed any of this. But the connection with Intaki V and DUST is very strong, as you can see. Moon 14 was never mentioned though directly anywhere, so maybe that is what we will find out in-game once we begin our journey... But I do know that Caldari story will be very interesting one... We also can now understand the deeper meaning of the debut trailer of DUST, and we will for sure find out more about all these events in the game itself when it arrives.

Maybe we will find out new things in the upcoming trailers as well that may make their appearance on Gamescom? Who knows, but we are not far from it, and we will eventually find out what exactly the title represents, sooner or later.

Part two, and more speculations may possibly arrive in the near future, but all that after gamescom, and after a lot more information thrown at us!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Building your empire in DUST 514

Sometimes we can observe this game from much different angle: being a lot closer to Minecraft than traditional first person shooter. How will you build your corporation and alliance is all up to you. Long time ago (this is Revision 3 as you can see), someone made an amazing flowchart for EVE that shows all the things you can choose to do:

Considering that DUST 514 will have completely different perspective we can't just put DUST logo in the middle and make it work, but what we can see is that CCP will indeed give us a lot of choices while we progress trough the game. Those choices in EVE do not appear straight away, as you are first learning the game and discovering them yourself. They will never serve you entire game with complete tutorial how to do it and they rely on your intelligence to explore all the options.

You can choose to be mercenary - where your corporation is mercenary corporation that will fight for the highest bidder. Conquer the planet and collect ISK, not caring about the future of that planet unless you get invited again to fight for someone else or the same person that hired you previously. Maybe you want to control as many systems as possible together with EVE players, and witnessing epic fights both in space and on the ground at the same time and care about every piece of land you own with hundreds of people in your corporation in both EVE and DUST. Or maybe you just simply want to be a freelancer, which, we will see how will work - since we need more input on that aspect.

"Whatever you do has direct impact on the universe" is rather accurate statement, but do not expect if you win one battle to change everything, obviously. You will have to be dedicated player if you want to earn your place in the universe and to be well-known soldier to both DUST and EVE players, which is hard. EVE Community is a little bit different than you average MMO player community, and CCP does great job driving them to be different. You can often hear that EVE players are really cunning, and always up for tricking you and getting to their goal nomatter the cost, and CCP does support that. They will troll you for doing silly things, for losing ship or money. They will enjoy that, because the best way to learn anything is from your own mistakes: trial and error. Maybe you are not born to be corporation/alliance leader, and that is fine, but you have to find out that on your own. Maybe you are more of a soldier type of person that wants direct orders and get them done, but then again, maybe you are one of those people that are perfect leaders and coordinators, and that can lead hundreds of soldiers to victory with superior tactics!

You will learn who is trustworthy, and you need to do that, because you are joining other 400.000+ people in the same universe. When they say "Eve is real", that indeed is true, because people of EVE are so immersed into the game that they are usually having multiple accounts, doing double dealing, and are ready to destroy you if you don't know exactly who they are and what they are up to. Also, worth mentioning is that EVE is indeed very hard game (if not the hardest on the market), therefore driving a lot of "bad" players away, leaving only those that are the most interested, and those that are ready to dedicate part of their lives to a game that does mean quite a lot when you realize that you are part of the world. Have you ever seen the learning curve of EVE?

Always watch out for EVE players! (stereotypes(?!) incoming) They listen to dubstep constantly, they are rich, smart, "old" (have kids by default), and their days last for 48 hours, are infinitely patient and will always win against you! But joking aside, you indeed need to know with who you are dealing with, and react accordingly. Both DUST and EVE are heavily focused on PvP, and you are bound to make friends and enemies all the time, but don't expect to have your current game friends constantly on your side. Always trust your best friend 99% of the time.

Once you get your corporation and alliance going together, it is up to you (again) what you want to do. Go to lowsec or nullsec space, fight for rare and expensive resources on the planets, and keep control over those planets and make your empire even bigger, or invade other solar systems that are controlled by opposing alliance. All that in various game modes that we will find out more about very soon!

We also have yet to find out how corporations will be able to defend their territories on multiple fronts when it comes to planets, and how much freedom will be there for us if we, for example, want to attack multiple pieces of land at the same time making it one big coordinated attack. There are many questions that still exist of course, and I am looking forward to some answers this month in Germany if I get chance to talk with CCP crew.

For now, prepare yourselves to navigate your Warbarge towards your enemies! Just make sure that they are not already on your ship.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stranded - Part 5 Arrived!

Brand new "Stranded" continuation is here, and it really gets quite interesting...
She found him in a small, sparsely furnished room in a quiet part of the station. She had gotten lost on the way down. Twice had to double-back down narrow passageways lined with doorways identical to the one she now stood outside. On the shuttle over, through the checkpoints and past the graffiti soaked walls, she had thought about what she would say and how she would say it. But now, standing here, listening to the rusty shunt of the door lock disengage she wasn’t so sure. She should leave. Go back home and pretend that none of this ever happened. But then the mechanism sighed and the doors pulled apart and there was nowhere to go but inside.
He was well-built with long hair that draped across sweat-slick olive skin pulled taut by the muscle underneath. Exactly as her informant had described. Well, almost. He hadn’t mentioned the wheelchair. It looked small and awkward beneath his large frame. She stared a little too long, but if he noticed her discomfort he didn’t say anything.
“Mr. Ansacre? Berlin Ansacre?”