Saturday, September 10, 2011

DUST 514 Prices and EVE comparison

The time has come for us to look at prices of specific things in DUST 514 and get a little bit better image of the economy that may exist in game. Of course, this all can be only placeholder prices so nothing you see here is final, and things will change, but at this point we can get the feel of some averages.

The first price we can see from the E3 trailer is:
  • Frontline Infantry, Customized Personal Fitting
  • 375,000 ISK
From what we can see here, full custom fit does cost quite a bit, keeping in mind that you will die a lot in one battle. Let's say that you will die ten times in one battle: that is 3,750,000 ISK, or 4 million. Important thing to notice as well is that in EVE, almost everyone counts everything in millions and sometimes billions, so this is quite a bit for one fitting that may vanish instantly. For 4 million you can, in EVE, buy one Tech 1 cruiser, which is not that bad for starting pilots to learn different types of ships and progress slowly.

Next prices we can see are a little bit higher but with reason:
  • Logistics and Transport, On-Demand Vehicle Deployment
  • 2,960,000 ISK
That is deploying:
  • Ground Assault, Customized Vehicle Fitting
  • 1,400,000 ISK
Now we are talking millions for vehicles and transports that deploy them on the battlefield directly. Both of those are 4,500,000 ISK, which is actually rather good price - and almost same as you dying ten times! That automatically means that if you die less, you can afford more amazing things to deploy on the battleground and have bigger advantage. Of course, you are not going to have that much of a limited budget that you will become completely broke at some point during battle, but it is a good perspective to have.

Another price is:
  • Off-map Support, Dynamic Battlefields
  • 1,000,000 ISK
This specific railgun or let's just say turret is deployed on "dynamic battlegrounds" and "off-map", which could mean that EVE players can deploy via their "strategic overview" that we could see in "A Future Vision" trailer. This price seems reasonable as well for one turret that can, if placed right on the battlefield, bring a lot of kills by itself.

This one is very interesting:
  • Tactical Fire Support, Battlefield Commander
  • 120,000,000 ISK
Supposedly, this is your obvious command ship that supports you by throwing various things on the battlefield and coordinates the battlefield. It's cost may indicate that this ship is rather capable of destroying some things on it's own and is very durable, because for 120 mil ISK you really can afford quite a lot in EVE Online as well - like entire Tech 1 Battleship (Maelstrom, let's say), which is kind of a big deal. This ship is unlikely to be destroyed that easily and should really mean victory if you manage somehow to do that.

Overall, prices of DUST 514 scale very well with EVE Online. You really have to worry about specific things when and where to deploy, and how often you die, because it can prove to be rather costly, but you should learn a lot of things on your journey through the game, and one of those should definitely be better survivability.

From current prices shown, we can say that, depending on where this video was recorded, you will need for an average battle almost 500,000,000 ISK (assuming this is semi-high-end battle), but that number may vary because I'm sure that "beginner" fights will cost a lot less. Although, as you progress through lowsec and nullsec space, you will notice difference and a lot more motivation to conquer specific planet and therefore a lot more money thrown at you by corporations - yours and those that hire you, if you work as a mercenary DUST corp.

Again, we will see how other prices scale, and how much iskies EVE players should save up if they want in the initial release of DUST to control as many planets as possible with their DUST corp mates. Or maybe DUST corps will just go on their own and start controlling planets and then EVE players will hire some of them and try taking them for themselves. No matter what the case may be at launch, you will need quite a bit of money, and you will need to play your heart out if you want to be able to deploy ten tanks and twenty turrets on one battlefield and crush your enemies.

The more skilled player you are, the better experience you will get and more money and better corporation you will be in. And that means - Deploy 100 tanks and 200 turrets in one battle for the fun of it!*

* Not really, but you get my point.


  1. Doesn't the MCC have to be destroyed in order to in the match? I.E. the losing team will have to replace this each match. A costly investment in a battle there...

  2. @ the last sentence: doesnt vehicles and installations u deploy use war points which will prevent that sort of stackin by rich corps to begin with?

  3. Your prices are very, very off. A T2 Marauder starts in the region of 700mil for the hull alone. You mean a T1 battleship like a Maelstrom.

  4. @Andrew: Thanks for the correction!

    @NuMbz: We don't know how War Points will be controlled during battle, but there will be some restrictions I am sure. We have yet to see that though!

    @Extinction: MCC, if being destroyed, should require replacement, yes. But the losing team does not need to lose the MCC every time in order to be defeated. There will be various conditions that will determine which team is the winner. It was more like "If you lose your MCC you really are crippled for the rest of the match"

    @Rickypedia: Never say never! We have goggles in EVE!

  5. quick question: these items are really fckin expensive and i heard that EVE has some sort of insurance policy? my question that i have been asking for a while is what happens when u lose and say u go broke?

  6. Insurance in EVE works like this: depending how big insurance you take (you have various levels and more expensive ones), the more things you get in return. For more insurance on EVE click here! For DUST 514, I really doubt we will have some sort of insurance for the things that we use and deploy during battle. If we go broke in the middle of battle, we will for sure lose, unless we have enough things to win with the current setup. Or, there will be way for us to get more ISK from EVE players or others, depending on who is investing into the battle.

    Insurance in DUST sure is mystery still to us, and hopefully we will find some details soon.

  7. well rememeber CCP said u can play the game without relying on EVE players so there has to be some system in place to gain returns on ur losses. Alot of ppl will lose, alot of ppl will roll solo the game has to keep a playerbase not discourage ppl from keepin goin. MAG had big battles but playerbases died because of stupid patches and games started taking upwards of 5-10+ mins to fill sometimes, i dont want DUST to suffer the same fate where its taking ages for a match to fill up because then the community would start sayin its not worth it and move on.

    And when i meant broke i meant like after a match u have 0 ISK how do u continue playing if u got nothing to buy new equipment or clones???

  8. If you somehow manage to lose everything and have 0 isk, in EVE, you just start doing missions from NPCs again in high security space where everything is safe. Again, I did not play the game so I don't know how this is going to work in DUST, but I guess that you can go to high sec, finish few contracts for NPC corporations which are not hard and slowly get some isk back. But I really doubt anyone will be that silly to lose everything they had in one battle. That's why you have to prepare very well and slowly get that impression what you need as you move to lower and lower security space.

  9. yea i know , im just worried about the player base. I want this game to succeed where MAG failed and keep a fairly large player count so that gettin matches wont be a problem even a year+ after release

  10. One thing that I enjoy about Eve (and, by the looks of it, Dust as well) is that often engagements are not just about winning, but minimizing losses as well. I think people will very quickly look to pull out when their MCC looks vulnerable, and probably will not always field the best equipment they have available, as the loss of it could make whatever engagement they're in suddenly unprofitable.
    I would love to see some outfits that have the standard grunt fit for most of their troops, plus a few heavily armed/armored special forces that act as shock troops. The economic angle is going to make for some interesting tactical decisions, and make for a much more varied battlefield.

  11. Indeed. Prices, just like in EVE, can dictate the course of battle and very often we can see ourselves escaping "just in case". Personally, I can't wait to get more information on those details and the combat dynamics, which will define game itself very deeply!

  12. A major factor that seems to have been forgotten in this whole discussion is also a major factor in EVE.

    The entire economy, every piece of equipment, every vehicle and every blueprint for tech, is created, valued and sold by other players. The prices listed in that video are completelly based on the creators imagination. It will come down to availability and demand what prices will be like, and how easily a DUST player will be able to purchase an item.

    In EVE you can't simply go onto the marketplace a buy from an NPC. You need to search through multiple systems to find the item you want for the best price, and I can't see CCP chaning the entire economic structure of the EVE universe to include NPC purchsed gear for DUST. At the start of the game we can expect tutorials or 'basic training' where we'll recieve base equipment from our racial faction and enough ISK to purchase more as necessary. Beyond that, we'll be looking to EVE players and corps to be building and selling us equipment. It's been mentioned that DUST corps will have the same capabilities as EVE corps, and will be able to take control of planets themselves and instil their own manufacturing infrastructures and defences and such. I would think that within a month the most succesful DUST corps, and any corp affiliated with a good EVE corp, will have people manufacturing their own equipment and selling on a broad scale.

    A lot of this discussion is still looking heavily at the current FPS market and how Perks and Equipment are achieved, with the caveat that in DUST you'll be able to lose what you've gained. We need to look at the broader picture, as CCP has done something truly unique in Game-world terms with the Economy of EVE, and they've clearly stated they will not change the current structures of EVE to fit DUST. This amazing MMOFPS we are looking forward to will fit to the EVE universe much more closely than anyone seems to expect, and that includes the ENTIRETY of a war operation, not just the run and gun.

  13. Precisely, I am planning on making a detailed analysis of the prices and economy of EVE and how it can affect DUST! Thanks for great comment :)