Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DUST 514 Gamescom 2011 impressions

Even though we were not able to see DUST 514 directly on a booth and play it or discuss it publicly with developers, CCP did provide a lot of cool things for the press. Here are IGN and Joystiq articles about the game and their impressions so far.
Again, if I weren't watching the developers actually do this in front of me, I'd be reticent to point out how insanely impressive it was. -Joystiq
Don't get too attached to that stuff -IGN
The articles themselves are not telling many new things except new game mode and some other details (fittings die with you etc), but make sure to as well check the latest dev blog post that sums a lot of things up and prepares us for the upcoming cold-weather beta! I will go more into details and analysis about these articles in the future, but now: it is time to sleep after five productive days in Germany and absolutely no rest whatsoever!

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