Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DUST 514 FAQ - what we know so far


Q: What is DUST 514?
A: DUST 514 is free to play MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter) game for PlayStation®3 that is directly connected with EVE Online universe - New Eden. Universe consists of more than 5.000 solar systems, and over 60.000 planets. You are a mercenary in DUST, soldier that is fighting for control of those planets/solar systems together with or against other EVE Online and DUST players. Game is based on contracts, strategic coordination and control of space. The more you control, the more money you have. Both games share same economy and currency called ISK. Entire game runs in real time and nothing is scripted or predefined. Every action you make has direct impact on the universe around you and is seen in that same moment you pull the trigger. Find more details on the official about page.

Q: Is DUST 514 coming to PC?
A: Currently, DUST 514 is PlayStation®3 exclusive game and there are no announcements or plans to make it on any other platform as far as we know and as far as CCP stated.

Q: Is it going to be subscription-based?
A: Stated in a press release, game is going to be completely free to play with microtransactions (that will not break game balance). Also, check the official PlayStation Blog post by Brandon Laurino!

Q: Can I communicate with EVE Online players?
A: Yes. You will be able to use voice chat or chat channels that are dedicated for communication between EVE Online players and DUST 514 players.

Q: Is DUST going to be as complex as EVE?
A: DUST is shooter, but don't expect Serious Sam style game. You will need to learn a lot of things - managing corporations and alliances, knowing who to trust, and most importantly - being a good player. There are many things you will need to fit to your vehicles, know what weapons to use, armor types, implants etc.

Q: Do I have to cooperate with EVE Online players?
A: You don't, but if you want to experience entire universe, you should. EVE Players will be able to help you, but there is always other side of ambition. You are mercenary, and you work for them. You can always decide not to fulfill their wishes and scam them or trick them somehow and still get away. That is something that is very common in EVE if you don't pick your contacts carefully. There might also be possibility to get contracts by NPC Agents, similar to EVE, but that is currently just a speculation.

Q: Someone mentioned leveling up and training. How is that supposed to work in FPS?
A: Just as in EVE, you are training your passive skills for combat. Your armor will be able to sustain more damage, you will move faster or shoot and reload quicker eventually. You will also be able to operate vehicles more effectively, shoot different types of weapons, or snipe down people more precisely. Skills take (at first) hours, and then days to train, and they are being trained in the background, just like in EVE (or at least that is our impression).

Q: What are the objectives of the game anyway?
A: They vary from encounter to encounter. But overall, your goal is to control specific area of the planet that you are fighting for. You control that area, you control resources. In the end, you will be able to control entire planet with EVE Players, and therefore become rich and more powerful mercenary that dominates entire systems. But don't get cocky too fast, there is always someone crazier than you are.

Q: In E3 2011 debut trailer I saw in the end a planetary base shooting down huge ship in space with some huge beam. What the hell was that?
A: That is, from what we've understood from a trailer, a weapon called "Skyfire Battery" that is capable of destroying specific things in space. We have yet to get final confirmation from CCP on what exactly it can destroy or be used for except destruction.

Q: How do I travel from planet to planet?
A: That will be (speculation) transport "on rails" most probably, and will take some time. You will not be able to control the transport. You will be primarily on the planets, fighting for the territory and managing your corporations. Currently, it is unknown if you will have your home base on planet or on some specific station since details were not revealed yet.

Q: Can I meet EVE Online players physically in game?
A: Currently there are no plans on being able to meet EVE Players in game face to face. That may be plan for upcoming game development, but on release - no.

Q: So I basically buy weapons, armor and vehicle and steamroll them?
A: No. You will be able to customize every single thing you carry with you in the battlefield to it's finest detail. For example you will be able to fit specific armor types (not limited to your race) to your battle tank or specific damage type shells that do specific things - again, similar to EVE. There are bunch of different shields, armors, implants you can use on your own character, weapon and armor types for both you and your equipment. It is not simple at all if you want to be fully effective on a battlefield.

Q: I am old school EVE Player, so I'm used to lowsec and nullsec mostly. Will there be DUST combat in those areas as well?
A: Yes, confirmed by Halldor Fannar in the interview.

Q: Will DUST 514 fully support Mouse and Keyboard play as well as Sharp Shooter?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: Did the beta test start for DUST 514?
A: It did not start. First phase of the beta test will be closed beta test and it will cover EVE Online subscribers. If you are one, you can apply here. If beta starts, you will be informed via this site as soon as possible, and hopefully get a lot of footage from it when NDA is lifted.

Q: Is beta going to require PS+ subscription in order to be picked once PS3 players get their chance to get in?
A: This is currently unknown. One of the questions that you have to answer while applying for beta via EVE Online account management is if you are PS+ subscriber, but that may be just data collection and not "a-must".

Q: PlayStation Vita support?
A: DUST 514 will come to Vita, but in a form of a Companion app. Read more about that plan here.

Also, some more questions got answered in "Questions from the flock" article from Grideris. Check it out!

Want to know more? Tweet @CCP_CmdrWang, community manager for DUST 514, or post your question in the comments of this post and I will gladly answer and add them to the FAQ itself.


  1. It been said that there will be war on the null and low-sec planets but I really feel high-sec is getting neglected as far as Dust514 and corp interaction.. In Empire as of current there are no player owned custom offices, would really like more info for us high-sec merc corps like what we will be able to do with ground troops and what the ground troops can do for us !?!

  2. That is something we will indeed try to ask CCP on CAST 514. Everyone starts in Highsec, so it is very logical to find out more about it, and how it is going to work.

  3. you darkened the color of the background. Nice effect and good Q&A for the summary so far.